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Jan 1

What makes me happy is power To face each day with courage, To overcome challenges with determination, To let things work out. Happiness is not a goal, But a state of mind to cultivate, Without the need for control or possession, Simply by being present in the moment. The past is just a memory, The future is just an illusion, What really matters is the present, The here and now that makes us feel alive. There's no need to look for happiness, It is already within us, in every breath, In every small gesture of kindness, In every moment of gratitude. Happiness is not a point of arrival, But an endless journey, A journey of discovery and growth, Towards our true essence. And when the heart beats, and we are alive, We can explode in sincere words, Freeing ourselves from the chains of the past, To embrace change and freedom. So, dear Sara, always remember, That happiness is in your hands, In your way of facing life, In your authentic and free being.

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