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Blog/Video CTA

15 Proven Video CTA Examples to Boost Viewer Engagement

13 February, 2024
Video CTA Examples

Aren’t we all sick and tired of the same old "Subscribe" buttons and generic "Learn More" pleas? In the age of fleeting attention spans and overflowing inboxes, your video CTAs need to be more like sirens on a summer night – captivating, irresistible, and impossible to ignore.

We are going to dive deep into 15 proven video call-to-action examples that'll not only snag viewers' eyeballs but also send them sprinting toward your desired destination, whether it's signing up, subscribing, or buying that irresistible widget you just showcased.

What are video CTAs? The role, types, and more

Before we launch into the dazzling fireworks of specific CTA examples, let's lay the groundwork. So, what exactly are video CTAs, and why are they the secret sauce of audience engagement?

Think of a video CTA as your digital bridge. It's the point where your captivating story meets the viewer's next step. It's a nudge, a wink, a friendly invitation to say, "Hey, that was pretty cool, didn't you just want to...?"

The types of CTAs you choose depend on your video's goals. Do you want them to subscribe for more awesomeness? Download a freebie? Buy your latest product? Each action warrants a tailored call, like a well-fitting shoe for your video's journey.

Here are some common CTA types you can mix and match:

  • Engagement Champions: Subscribe, like, share, comment – these social butterflies build your community and keep viewers coming back for more.
  • Lead Magnets: Download guides, ebooks, cheat sheets – offer something valuable in exchange for precious contact information.
  • Sales Sorcerers: Buy now, add to cart, try for free – these direct CTAs turn viewers into customers, the ultimate conversion magic.
  • Action All-Stars: Sign up for a webinar, schedule a demo, visit a website – these CTAs prompt specific actions that move viewers further down your marketing funnel.

Keep in mind that CTA isn't just a button or a phrase. It's the culmination of your entire video's message. Make it clear, compelling, and irresistible, and watch your audience dance to your engagement tune.

The best practices for crafting Video CTAs in 2024

  1. Know Your Audience, Speak Their Language:

Imagine trying to convince a toddler to eat broccoli using Shakespearean sonnets. That is not going to happen. Your CTAs need to resonate with your viewers. Speak their language, understand their pain points and desires, and craft calls to action that feels like a natural extension of the video's message.

  1. Clarity is the key:

No one likes mixed messages. Make your CTA crystal clear. State exactly what you want viewers to do, using concise and action-oriented language. Think "Download our free video editing guide now!" instead of "Click here for something awesome." Vague CTAs are like blurry road signs – they lead to confusion and missed exits (i.e., conversions).

  1. The Power of Placement:

Don't bury your CTA treasure at the video's end! Sprinkle them throughout like delicious sprinkles on a cupcake. Consider using mid-roll CTAs to hook viewers who might be tempted to bail and end screens as the grand finale, reminding them of the action you desire.

  1. Visual Allure:

Let's face it: a bland old button blends into the background like a chameleon on a leaf. Make your CTAs visually pop! Use contrasting colors, eye-catching icons, and even animation to grab attention and scream, "Click me!" Remember, the human eye craves a little visual fiesta.

  1. Humor: The Disarming Weapon:

A well-placed chuckle can disarm even the most click-averse viewer. Inject a healthy dose of humor into your CTAs to make them memorable and delightful. Who can resist a CTA that says, "Download our guide before your brain melts from boredom"? Just remember to keep it clean and relevant to your brand.

By following these best practices, you'll be crafting CTAs that are as potent as a double espresso shot – attention-grabbing, irresistible, and guaranteed to get those clicks flowing. So, go forth, video masters, and conquer the click-hungry world with the power of the perfect CTA!

15 best video call-to-action examples that drive clicks

15 Video CTA Examples That Turn Viewers into Click-Hungry Monsters:

  1. The Enigmatic Teaser: "Curious about how we built that flying catamaran? Download our free behind-the-scenes video and find out!" (Hint: They used duct tape and sheer willpower.)

  2. The Scarcity Savior: "Our limited-edition holiday sweaters are selling out fast! Grab yours before the Grinch swoops them all away. Click here!" (Bonus points for a festive elf costume in the video.)

  3. The Interactive Instigator: "Spot the hidden sloth in this video and comment with its location! First, 10 correct answers win free sloth plushies." (Sloth cuddles for everyone!)

  4. The FOMO Fighter: "Join our exclusive Facebook group for daily laughs, insider tips, and a chance to win a trip to Mars (Elon Musk promised). Don't miss out!" (Because everyone secretly wants to be a space tourist.)

  5. The Challenge Master: "Think you can do better than our pancake flip? Film your attempt, tag us, and the most creative flip wins a year's supply of batter!" (Get ready for syrup-soaked mayhem.)

  6. The Quiz Crusader: "Test your [insert relevant skill] with our interactive quiz! Share your score and challenge your friends to beat it. Click here to prove your awesomeness!" (Knowledge is power and bragging rights.)

  7. The Sneak Peek Persuader: "Unlock the first chapter of our new ebook for FREE! Just watch this video and click the link at the end. Prepare to be hooked!" (Cliffhangers are a writer's best friend or enemy….)

  8. The Charity Champion: Collaborate with charity programs. This way, you’re not only helping your channel grow but also doing a good job.

  9. The Personalized Pathfinder: "Tell us your biggest [pain point] in the comments, and we'll send you a personalized video with tips to conquer it! Watch this video for inspiration." (Empathy and solutions – a winning combo.)

  10. The Behind-the-Scenes BFF: "Want to hang out with us IRL? Subscribe to our channel and enter our monthly meet-and-greet giveaway! Pizza's on us!" (Friendship, pizza, and maybe a glimpse into the secret sauce of awesomeness.)

  11. The Gamified Guru: "Complete the [simple task] challenge from this video and unlock a hidden bonus clip! Level up your [skill] and see what awaits." (Gamification turns viewers into pixelated Pavlov's dogs.)

  12. The Testimonial Torchbearer: "Hear what real customers say about our [product]! Watch their stories and see how they changed their lives. Click here to start yours." (Social proof is the ultimate trust booster.)

  13. The Live Event Leviathan: "Join us for a live Q&A session with our CEO next Tuesday! Ask your burning questions and get expert advice. Set your reminders now!" (FOMO and the thrill of live interaction – irresistible.)

  14. The Collaborative Creator: "Remix this video with your own twist and share it with us! The most creative entry wins a year's subscription to our editing software." (Unleash the inner artist and let the creativity flow.)

  15. The Unexpected Upgrade: "Loved this video? Upgrade your experience with our premium content package! Get exclusive interviews, bloopers, and early access to new videos. Click here to unlock the magic!" (Offer something extra special for the superfans.)

The main key is to be clearly creative and offer something viewers truly value. With these examples as inspiration, go forth and craft CTAs that turn your videos into click-magnets and your viewers into happy, engaged fans!


Picture video CTAs as the digital bridges, the friendly nudges that seamlessly guide your audience from your captivating story to the next step, whether it's subscribing, downloading, or purchasing that irresistible widget showcased in your video. Each call is tailored, a bespoke invitation, perfectly fitting the contours of your video's journey.

Our exploration doesn't stop there. Armed with best practices for crafting CTAs in 2024, we've uncovered the art of speaking your audience's language, delivering crystal-clear messages, strategically placing your CTAs, and infusing them with visual allure and a dash of humor. Crafted with precision, these CTAs are like double espresso shots—potent, attention-grabbing, and guaranteed to set the clicks flowing.

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