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Lia Marrs
AI Arts
No templates yet!
No templates yet!
portrait photo of (angry:1.2), Joan of Arc, highly detailed face, depth of field, moody light, atmospheric lighting, highly detailed, (short-wavy hair:1.2), style by Dan Winters, Russell James, Steve McCurry, centered, extremely detailed, Nikon D850, award winning photography
Albert Einstein as Doc from Back to the Future,  wearing VR helmet,  standing beside the delorean,  cyberpunk 2077 cityscape,  art by Agnes Cecile
Albert Einstein as Green Lantern , superhero, hyper detailed,  colorful,Casual walk with hands in motion, Low-key angle,Detailed Madison Wisconsin background,
divine body, high detail lips, blue neon, albert einstein, finely detailed skin, radiosity, lomography, , spoon, shades, , swirling, bright color, physics-based rendering, canid
Cleopatra, reimaged in a cyberpunk universe, cyberpunk style, augmentation, cybernetics, cinematic scene, hero view, action pose, glowing eyes, beautiful 8k, masterpiece, best quality, high quality, absurdres, vivid
Photorealistic Closeup portrait color photo of Albert Einstein as a race car driver, 8k uhd, high quality, film grain
A photo of Albert Einstein eating Samosas, highly detailed, trending on artstation, bokeh, 90mm, f/1.4
cinematic shot,raw photo,portrait of cybermutant abraham lincoln,top hat,steampunk cyborg, cybernetic tubes,
(Albert Einstein), masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, closed eyes, upper body, splashing, abstract, psychedelic, neon, honeycomb pattern, depression, film grain, dread, shabby, grime, angst, seedy, downtrodden, the sign with text "404" is clearly visible
cinematic photo Black and white photo of  abraham lincolnsat in a fancy carved chair at a small table with a ink quill and paper on it., cinematic  photorealistic, 8k uhd natural lighting, raw, rich, intricate details, key visual, atmospheric lighting, 35mm photograph, film, bokeh, professional, 4k, highly detailed . 35mm photograph, film, bokeh, professional, 4k, highly detailed
Albert Einstein in ironman suit, hyper detailed, real skin, futuristic abstract background, colorful
wind, egypt,  Complex background, egypt market,pictuer with Cleopatra,whistle,musical performance,market,cat,ass
(pop Art style a concept painting showing a giant cleopatra on the side of the great pyramid of giza. good quality, good light, anatomically correct, digital art, artstation 8 k  . bright colors, bold outlines, popular culture themes, ironic or kitsch( Ultra realistic, Intricate, awesome ultra high resolution photography, (technical showcase:1.5)), (flat lighting,backlight,Light caustics,photolab,atmospheric,sepia,Samsung Galaxy,Bokeh,F/8, masterpiece,)
look straight into camera, Abraham Lincoln, indoor lighting, contemplative expression, closeup, portrait shot, eye twinkle, 35mm, analog film, color film, kodachrome, soft lighting, low contrast, backlit, light bloom, lens flare, exposed for the shadows, portrait photography, iso400, film grain, vignette, depth of field, bokeh, fujifilm
DavyJonesLockerStyle Albert Einstein teaching Physics at the Berlin University, working on the theory of relativity, steampunk, wet, dripping, tentacle, (Masterpiece:1.3) (best quality:1.2) (high quality:1.1)
ultra realistic award wining professional oil paint portrait of futurist cyberpunk Scientist Albert einstein, cyberpunk netrunner, wires from his  head, chromium eyes, atomic symbol hologram floating in the air, cyberbody linked to a gigantic computer
Anime artwork. Albert Einstein as Doc from Back to the Future,  hacking on computer,  wearing VR helmet,  cyberpunk 2077 cityscape,  art by Agnes Cecile,  anime style,  key visual,  vibrant,  studio anime,  highly detailed
concept art  albert einstein 3d model, houdini 3 d render, houdini render, 3d render senior artist, rendered in houdini, 3d character realistic, houdini rendering, einstein, rendered in maya and houdini, portrait of einstein, albert einstein, pouty look octane render, portrait of albert einstein, 3 d render character art 8 k . digital artwork, illustrative, painterly, matte painting, highly detailed
photorealistic masterpiece, trending on artstation, concept art, egyptian phynx, (cleopatra:1.5) wearing a ((golden pharao mask)) latex catsuit, latex corset, latex harness
, Beautiful female pharaoh Cleopatra sitting representative on her throne, humanoid feline_hybrid, furry, old Thebes, palms, water, sun beams, 8k, uhd, insane details, (detailed fur:1.2), award-winning photo
masterpiece, best quality, anime illustration, highly detailed, 2d, nice hands, (cleopatra_\(fate)\:1.3), fgocleo, egpytian style alleyway, cleodress, white dress, cross-laced dress, open clothes, thighs, legs, 1girl, long hair, blunt bangs, bangs, green eyes, very long hair, green hair, hairband, jewelry, earrings, hoop earrings, breasts, medium breasts, aroused, hand on own face,
rendition of the Abraham Lincoln, (pov selfie:1.2), taking a selfie, closeup, Illinois landscape, Renaissance attire, (looking at viewer:1.2), (by Alex Maleev:1.5)
a dystopian cyber fashion cybernetic Albert Einstein in cyberpunk 2077 video game, atome symbole, relativity,
(masterpiece, high resolution, UHD, trending on ArtStation, CG, best quality, official art) (stunning, detailed perfect face, dynamic pose:1.6), (advanced robotic cyber arms:1.5), dermal protective armor, synthetic skin overlay, intricately designed cybernetic hands), intricate robot character design accents, cutting-edge cyber enhancements) (corporate-dominated, bustling streets, towering buildings adorned with colossal advertising holograms, (vibrant neon lights:1.2), diverse urban populace, buzzing drones and airborne vehicles, persistent rain, smog-laden skies) Influenced by prestigious platforms and artists: CGSociety, Niji style, cyberpunk shadowrunner theme, acclaimed pieces from Jeremy Chong, shadowrun universe, Cyberpunk 2077 game aesthetics, with artistic inspirations from artgerm, Kei Mieno, Leng Jun, Dylan Eakin, Marco Grassi. (vivid contrast, distinctive art, unparalleled detailing) Embark on a visual journey into a sprawling urban future, where the luminance of neon clashes with the shadows of towering structures. The centerpiece,
cinematic film still cyberpunk red neon,cyborg Abraham Lincoln holding a glowing katana,neon,robot limbs angry,wide_shot,cinematic_angle,building_ruins red neon, . shallow depth of field, vignette, highly detailed, high budget, bokeh, cinemascope, moody, epic, gorgeous, film grain, grainy
 goldenparadigm albert einstein
Albert Einstein as Green Lantern , superhero, hyper detailed,  colorful,Hands on a table, leaning forward attentively, Dynamic angle,Detailed Houston Texas background,
Albert Einstein standing with a short skirt and high heels, in the style of mysterious jungle, 32k uhd, gadgetpunk, rangercore, ricoh ff-9d, dark crimson and brown, vacation dadcore
masterpiece, best quality, photorealistic, , Joan of Arc, 1girl, blonde hair, long hair, hair ornament, hair flower, medium breasts, solo, upper body, looking at viewer, indoors, medieval, bedoom, on bed, sitting, surprised, dress, nightgown, cleavage, see-through, paw pose
highres, masterpiece, high quality, napoleon bonaparte \(fate\), male pectoral cleavage, military uniform,
a head to upper torso portrait of a smirking necromancer queen cleopatra, beautiful and detailed eyes, with a necklace of the symbol of the anj, with pyramids and a giant crimson moon with the eye of ra in the background, by tite kubo and guweiz and stanley artgerm, dramatic lighting, manga cover, highly detailed, incredible quality, trending on artstation
RAW photo of davincitech Mixer, scifi, by leonardo da vinci   , (Masterpiece:1.3) (best quality:1.2) (high quality:1.1), hyperdetailed,300 DPI,real photo,lots of details,medium photography,detailed,intricately detailed,enchanting atmosphere,natural lighting,sharp focus
abraham lincoln
editorial photograph, , a faint smile, As cleopatra
sd-pulp ofElizabeth Taylor as Queen Cleopatra,,high quality illustration, , Style-Hamunaptra,movie poster
Albert einstein
, adstech , scifi,   colorful symbols),  hologram,
man,scientist, albert einstein, 1boy,
 , ledarraytech , scifi,   geometrical ,   tron, 
man , Albert Einstein,  , scientist coat,
Photorealistic 8K, Abraham Lincoln DJing at a modern club, optimized for 768x1344, spinning 'Emancipation Beats,' wearing headphones over his stovepipe hat, crowd going wild, highly detailed
Albert Einstein, detailed graphic, blackboard, mathematic equations, 50s style,
cinematic photo Albert Einstein, (reimagined in a cyberpunk universe), (cyberpunk style), (cyberpunk), (cyberpunk outfit), (punk hair), (augmentation), cybernetics, glowing neon lights, cinematic scene, hero view, action pose, beautiful 8k, detailed background, masterpiece, best quality, high quality, absurdres, vivid.. 35mm photograph, film, bokeh, professional, 4k, highly detailed
, scifi, davincitech, by leonardo da vinci,  steampunk, 
man , Albert Einstein,  , scientist coat,
ral-orgmi, close-up of albert einstein made out of origami paper, 4k, uhd, masterpiece
, carthagetech ,  scifi,  solar age, gold mosaic , 
man , Albert Einstein,  , scientist coat,
concept art Albert Einstein, (reimagined in a cyberpunk universe), (cyberpunk style), (cyberpunk), (cyberpunk outfit), (punk hair), (augmentation), cybernetics, glowing neon lights, cinematic scene, hero view, action pose, beautiful 8k, detailed background, masterpiece, best quality, high quality, absurdres, vivid.. digital artwork, illustrative, painterly, matte painting, highly detailed
best quality, masterpiece, highres, solo, {white kimono:1.35}, {red hakama:1.35}, {wide sleeves:1.20}, {cleopatra_fgo:1.15}, long_hair, hairband, jewelry, green_hair, earrings, bangs, breasts, green_eyes, smile, very_long_hair, hoop_earrings, blunt_bangs, necklace
,Intricately detailed Full body, professional photograph, of (Cleopatra), shallow depth of field, cinematic lighting, photographed on a Sony a9 II Mirrorless Camera, (highly detailed:1.2), (soft focus), HDR, 8k resolution
nvinkpunk style, abraham lincoln
(best-quality:0.8), anime illustration of serious cleopatra in desert, stands calmly near the Pyramid of Cheops, lips, clean sky, hot weather
(Albert Einstein:0.8) is Tony Stark wearing the ironman armor Cinema768-Digital
sd-pulp of Elizabeth Taylor as Queen Cleopatra,oil painting,high quality illustration, , Style-Hamunaptra,movie poster

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