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Success Story of Alesdanz

Ready to turn your created content into a reliable source of income while having fun?
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Templates of AlesdanzTemplates of Alesdanz

I always had a passion for video making, but I never thought that filming and editing videos on my phone could turn into a career. Starting with no experience, I found success on the short-form video platforms by creating catchy and engaging content.

It's been a wild ride, but my passion for video making and dedication to creating content that resonates with people has been the key to my success. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next!

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Success Metric
Success Metric
Engagement Rate30%
Followers Gained55K
Revenue Earned$2,000+
Expanding Reach and Growing Revenue

As a creator, my main goal with Zoomerang is to showcase my short-form content to a wider audience and generate revenue.

Dedicated support
Dedicated support

Received Support

The Zoomerang team has been a great support for me in the process of creating and monetizing my content. Thanks to their assistance, I have been able to access intuitive tools and features that have allowed me to produce high-quality videos. Additionally, I have received valuable insights on how to expand my audience and generate revenue through my work.

Their Success

Ever since I started using Zoomerang as a content creator, I've seen a notable improvement in my engagement rates across other social media platforms, as well as an increase in followers and earnings. Here are some of my achievements since joining:
Tick30% increase in engagement rates across all my social media platforms.
Tick55K followers gained with high engagement rate
Tick$2,000+ earned revenue through selling video templates.
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AlesdanzTemplate Creator at Zoomerang

I joined Zoomerang to create short and fun videos, and thanks to this application, I have been able to earn a stable income. If you have skills in video editing, I highly recommend that you join the Zoomerang Template Marketplace.

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