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Success Story of Evgeniya

Creating content for social networks for free is good, but monetizing it through Zoomerang is even better.
Profile picture of Evgeniya Smolina
Evgeniya Smolina@evgeniya_smolina
Templates of EvgeniyaTemplates of Evgeniya

I initially aimed to grow my TikTok audience and had no prior interest in video editing, so I started by filming videos on various topics. However, after discovering an intriguing effect in a video, I was inspired to explore editing and began my journey as a video editor.

As a self-taught editor, I created tutorials for others that helped me improve my skills and increase my social engagement. Soon the Zoomerang team noticed me and offered to collaborate.

Check My Templates
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Success Metric
Success Metric
Templates Used1.5M
Followers Gained38K
Revenue Earned$3,000+
Increase Visibility & Income

As a creator, using Zoomerang my main goal is to showcase my short-form content by diversifying it in the app with my own ideas as well as monetizing my creativity.

Dedicated support
Dedicated support

Received Support

At the initial stage, Zoomerang support helped me quickly understand the application and master the necessary functions.They share creative ideas for creating templates and always do proper testing to make sure the templates work correctly. I always received help whenever I had questions or technical problems. They even found an option to transfer funds in case of problems that arose at that time.

Their Success

Since I started using Zoomerang as a creator, I have increased my presence on several social networks.
Tick1.5M times used the created template
Tick38K followers gained with high engagement rate
Tick$3,000+ earned revenue through selling video templates.
Avatar of Evgeniya Smolina
Evgeniya SmolinaTemplate Creator at Zoomerang

I joined Zoomerang with the aim to sell my short-form videos. I am grateful to this company for creating this opportunity for creative people. If you’re good at video editing, Zoomerang Template Marketplace is a must-try platform!

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