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Jan 1

portrait photography, medium shot, front top view, A gorgeous (((42-year-old European woman))) with pale skin, caramel hair with short haircut, ((perfect shape body with extra large breast)), sleeping peacefully on her bed in the luxurious vintage classic style bedroom at night, very calm and serene look. dressed in a (((lace short nightie, deep cleavage))), accentuating her curves, accessorizing with (a thin gold pendant necklace), subtle makeup, long oval face, small thin lips, seductive brown eyes, 8k, professional, masterpiece, (facial clarity:1.3), sharp focus, (perfect composition), (rule of thirds composition), subject positioned off-center, highly detailed, intricate detailed, perfect body anatomy, (-bad hands -unnatural hands -fused fingers -too many fingers), (matching eyes), proportional eyes, (-weird iris -weird pupils), (-cropped head), highly detailed, intricate detailed, soft ambience lighting, dim lit, cinematic, trending on artstation, award winning photography

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