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an awarded profesional photography of (1man:1.3) Latino  with jade eyes  with  male short back and sides hairstyle and short boxed beard in Creme Brulee Blonde color, in a Santa costume   Determined facial expression, standing with arms crossed in front of body  in A mountain scene with a spectacular view from the edge of a high cliff ,(epic scene:1.3),ultradetialed character with perfect face,detailed skin,(ultrasharp:1.3),(masterpiece:1.1),best quality,(photorealistic:1.2),ultrarealistic,realistic ultradetailed character,4k perfect quality, <lyco:GoodHands-beta2:1> by Wim Wenders  Architectural Lighting camera angle from below and very wide shot Magnificent,Imperceptible detail,Intricately designed,  (perfect quality face:1.5)  hyper-detailed complex,  insanely detailed, detailed clothes, detailed skin, detailed body, , 1man, realistic lights, realistic shadows, profesional photo
Macro Photography a owl made of toilete paper roll, tprc style, at a park, clorfull, masterpice, 8k,,, Macro Photography, often for close-up views, small subjects, or detailed examination.
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and substantive Archmage, made of shiplap,Ambient occlusion, BREAK detailed picture,award winning,intricate details,hyperdetailed,pale color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and evil Quaggoth, made of gypsum board,Dramatically lit, BREAK award winning,50mm,sharp,Depth of field 270mm,pale color
ethereal fantasy concept art of  TransformersStyle, macro photography, giant dew drop, microcosmos, selective focus, [:fractal patterns, filigree, vray tracing, sand grains defying gravity:8],  faberge metallic shell structure wrapped around BREAK sunset, city, magical ambient  greenteam  . magnificent, celestial, ethereal, painterly, epic, majestic, magical, fantasy art, cover art, dreamy
(dynamic pose:1.2),(dynamic camera),(waist-length portrait, a woman with long hair in a dress),(Curly medium blonde wind floating hair),posing for fashion,(look to camera),(intricate chrome strips volumetric glowing  abstract background:1.3), in the style of intimacy, dreamscape portraiture,  solarization, shiny kitsch pop art, solarization effect, reflections and mirroring, photobash, (composition centering, conceptual photography), (natural colors, correct white balance, color correction, dehaze,clarity), ,(skin texture)
ethereal fantasy concept art of  TransformersStyle, [: macro photography floating fairy with metallic dress (made of smoke:1.2), :5] [giant carrot::8], selective focus, vray tracing,  faberge metallic shell structure wrapped around, filigree, rainbowcore,  fractal patterns BREAK sunset, city, magical ambient  . magnificent, celestial, ethereal, painterly, epic, majestic, magical, fantasy art, cover art, dreamy
1000x zoom, hair follicle, macro photography, (antoni gaudi:1.35), (fiber optic bundles:1.35), ethereal, neural network, very coherent, ultra detail textures, intricate, high detail, translucent, (3d model:1.2), redshift, octane, 8k micro detail, tilted perspective, dark lighting, (HDR:1.3) tilt-shift photography, cinematic, Tony Cragg
futuristic Conceptual Art of a bald neural network bioengineered woman, solo, dark theme, (in awe:1.2), confident, (surprised:0.7), natural skin, trypophobia:0.8, with background from the side, looking at viewer, cowboy shot, dark nebula background, physically based unbiased rendering, natural lighting, soft shadows, Macabre, Moody Light, colorful,\nstyle of Stan Manoukian\n\nphysically based unbiased rendering, natural lighting, soft shadows, extremely high-resolution details, photographic, realism pushed to extreme, fine texture, 4k,  ultra-detailed, high quality, high contrast,  , ,
by Wim Wenders, futuristic-futuristic, (white horse, extreme closeup macro photography from the eye area, side view but beautiful:1.4), (intricate details, masterpiece, best quality:1.4) , in the style of nicola samori,
hasselblad x2D 100c, ISO 300, 1/250s, F/2,8, 38 mm, extremely high quality RAW photograph, intricate, Exquisite details and textures, highly detailed, ultra detailed photograph, warm lighting, 4k, sharp focus, high resolution, detailed skin, detailed eyes, 8k uhd, dslr, high quality, film grain, Fujifilm XT3
looking at viewer
landscape, photography, amsterdamcanalhouse, flower, bicycle, city, daylight, epic, cinematic, river, ornate, realistic,  advntr,
RAW, 8K, HD, Sharp Focus, landscape photography, a stunningly beautiful landscape,  after sunset, photorealistic, absurdres, hyperrealistic,  (crepuscular rays:0.5) the arizona desert , waterfall, award winning landscape photography, HDR
((portrait photography of super model,
, 1 girl)), beautiful african mix,
((gourgeous beautiful african USA girl)), 
picture of a vivid, (masterpiece:1.2),(extremely detailed),(8k:1.1),(perfect lighting,best
quality,highres,original),(realistic photography:1.4)
,high detailed skin,shaded
face, soft lighting,RAW, ultra highres, pores visible,
(, Event venues, party venues
    , Depending on the event (e.g., formal, cocktail, casual)
    , Celebrating special occasions, socializing, enjoying music and entertainment):1.3,
Cropped Sweater
    ,Mom Jeans
    ,Sporty Tube Socks
    ,Chunky Sneakers
    ,Fanny Pack
    ,Sweater - Urban Outfitters, Jeans - ASOS, Socks - Champion, Shoes - Balenciaga, Fanny Pack - Herschel
,cowboy shot,
RAW portrait photography of "beautiful girl with blue eyes and dread in style cyberpunk", camel toe seethrough lace panties, innie pussy, (playful gaze:1.1) PHoto by Irene Rudnyk ,Profesional photogarpher ,Canon R5, 1/3200s ,ISO 200 , Canon RF 85mm f/1.2 L USM, (dark shot:1.17), epic realistic, faded, ((neutral colors)), art, (hdr:1.5), (muted colors:1.2), hyperdetailed, (artstation:1.5), cinematic, warm lights, dramatic light, (intricate details:1.1), complex background, (rutkowski:0.8), (teal and orange:0.4)
face portrait photography of european female, close up, (facing viewer:1.5), cheeky smile, blonde hair, (31 years old:1.2), (black turtleneck:1.3), goosebumps,goose-flesh, (realistic:1.3), finely detailed, quality, (masterpiece:1.2), (photorealistic:1.2), (best quality), (detailed skin:1.3), (intricate details), dramatic, ray tracing, photograph, Wind surfboard, Bathed in shadows, Visual novel,(studio white wall background:1.5), film grain, Kodak gold 200, Depth of field 100mm, Flickr
a portrait photography of a gorgeous woman, white hair,  (wearing black  CyberPunkAI irongirl_suit made_of_fractals:0.5),(fractalized, fractal_body:0.8),bare shoulders, bare arms, ((bare legs):1.1), neon lights, attractive, flirting, looking at viewer, detailed skin, ((city environment)), highly detailed, hyperrealism, cinematic lighting, full body, , <lyco:irongirl_fractals_suit-10:0.55>,
Cinematic Portrait Photography of an alluring woman with dark skin and dark hair, possessing a narrow oval face shape with striking high cheekbones. Her eyes are slanted and deep-set, captivating with their mesmerizing gaze. They are big, beautiful, and expressive, reflecting a wealth of emotions. Her lips are sensual and inviting, adding to her magnetic charm. Standing tall, her height exudes confidence and grace. The photograph is captured in a cinematic style, with impeccable lighting and composition, creating a captivating image that highlights the woman's unique and enchanting features, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and allure, very detailed genuine leather with acceptable imperfections, RAW photo, subject, 8k uhd, dslr, soft lighting, high quality, clearly face, a portrait with an isometric perspective, highlighting the subject s features from a dynamic angle
professional portrait photography of the face of a beautiful  ((ohwx woman))  at Computer lab during Midnight, Nikon Z9
Create high-quality and visually appealing illustrations of Woman in the Bath. with a rainbow of colorful water gushing out of the shower head with foaming Soap and falling Drops. colorful paint on the wall. runs The Unexpected Beauty Crate a mixed media painting that depicts her head open to release a stream of thoughts and various art forms. Emphasize a seamless blend of surrealism and abstraction, ensuring that every element produced is meticulously detailed. Use bright colors and intricate details to convey a sense of depth, making the overall composition visually rich and interesting. , conceptual art, dark fantasy, fashion, anime, illustration, photo
CateCollins, glamour photograph, supermodel, wearing (postmodern colorful high-fashion architectural structural dress:1.2), walking on the ramp at fashion show, subtle dim lighting, intricate detailed face (rendered glossy eyes), perfectly composed, upper body, intricate details, serious look, ((black background)), pose, modelshoot, RAW, analog, Nikon 75mm f1.2,
k4t3upt0nv1, (sexy 18 year old woman:1.3) , realistic, (portrait:1.2) , (detailed skin texture) , analog, film grain, (innocent seduction, innocent facial expression:1.4) , blonde hair, (best quality:1.4) , UHQ, HQ, highres, (, Cloudpunk, shin-hanga, delicate, rim light, Side lighting, Ambrotype, Pixel Art, two colors, Pastel Colors, Architectural Digest, Paint splotches, volumetric lighting, beautiful woman in a picturesque village and Planet Uranus, flat lighting, four colors, Light sparkles, Primary Colors, Dota style,)
a photography of a battleground with 1 stunningly gorgeous 20 years old woman holding a riffle standing front of the camera, braids, photorealistic, all body in the picture, panorama, landscape, photography, best quality, intricate details, perfect detailed face, nsfw, yellow field background, very serious face, sad face, war battleground, destroyed tanks far in the background, destruction, very dark sky with blinding sunny ray, woman illuminated by sunny ray, dark clouds, corpses in the background, (long hair:1.1), (blond hair:1.2), stunning blue eyes, sharp eyes, (modern military clothes:1.1), (camo clothes:1.1), military cap, (fully dressed:1.1), (riffle in hands:1.2), (dirt and blood on her face:1.2), decay, gloomy, analog style, ukraine
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and colossal Lizardfolk, made of clay,Sunshine rays, BREAK 4k,detailed picture,hyperdetailed,vivid,greyscale
(Taylor Swift:0.6)|(sks woman), <lyco:locon_taylor_v1_from_v1_64_32:1.35>, masterpiece, beautiful illustration trending on artstation, award winning, perfect lights, intricate, delicate details, sharp focus, art by Rutkowski, Gerhartz, korovin and artgerm, RAW photo, candid, professional photography, 1.8f, dof, studio lighting, sharp focus , intricate details, volumetric light, perfect studio soft lights, (backlight:1.2), 8k uhd, dslr, high quality, film grain, (detailed skin:1.2)
(realistic, photorealistic:1) (photo, polaroid, Color film photograph, chadpo, pailide, nkplr0, analog, overexposed, white marks, opacification, grainy:1.1), (angry :1),  (male, man, male focus:1), ((polaroid of a white  man with baggy  clothes and long  brown  hair:1.26):1), (walking  in the 70s  with dynamic lighting:1), (candid photography, street photography, figure in the distance, aesthetic, vintage, retro:1)
Macro Photography helloween witch, (made of toilete paper roll:1.15), (tprc style:1.15),in a park, masterpice, 8k,,, Macro Photography, often for close-up views, small subjects, or detailed examination.
Macro Photography Donald Trump, toilete paper roll, tprc style, in front of the white house,,, Macro Photography, often for close-up views, small subjects, or detailed examination.
macro shot of an eerie cocktail drink infused with actual spirits,    halloweentech supernatural green,, moody colors, (Food photography style :1.3), Appetizing, professional, culinary, high-resolution, commercial, highly detailed, (eerie lighting:1.15), (blending:0.95), 100mm lens, (macro photography:1.05), (highly detailed, high quality:1.3)
classicnegative, (low angle) macro photography of colorful alien fungus and mushrooms  fairy forest covered flowers, autumn, fall, colorful leaves, (trees with white trunk) in the background, 200mm 1.4f, sharp focus, cinematography
Surrealist art ,"a man's feet on a train track, walking above the clouds and fog, treading above calm water, trailing off into the horizon, detailed legs looming over you, leading lines, leading to the sky, standing on a cloud, stepping on a miniature city, surreal 3 d render, extreme perspective, low angle perspective, detailed legs towering over you, detailed conceptual photography","a woman in a helmet with flames behind her, evil steampunk pyromancer woman, portrait of a sci - fi woman, fantasy character portrait, portrait of a steampunk ice lady, epic fantasy art portrait, fantasy genre portrait, portrait of a female mage, fantasy concept art portrait, wearing victorian brass goggles, portrait of a steampunk catgirl, portrait of a dnd character" wine bottle with tree and flowers, vine art, white wine bottle, wine bottle, surreal 3 d render, photoillustration, with a few vines and overgrowth, surreal composition, photo - manipulation, photo manipulation, creative photo manipulation, 3 d artistic render, entwined in vines and nature, wine label, still life photo of a backdrop, inspired by Vladimir Kush, no humans, scenery, outdoors, sky, day, cloud, tree, bird, balloon, flower, nature, blue sky, sunlight, plant . Dreamlike, mysterious, provocative, symbolic, intricate, detailed
ethereal fantasy concept art of  TransformersStyle, macro photography, giant dew drop, microcosmos, selective focus, [:fractal patterns, filigree, broken glass:8], faberge metallic shell structure wrapped around BREAK sunset, city, magical ambient  greenteam  . magnificent, celestial, ethereal, painterly, epic, majestic, magical, fantasy art, cover art, dreamy
8K sharp focus ultra HD photography of a crazy landscape, intricate and maddening, incredibly awesome looking, it's unbelievable how cool it seems.
flowers, illustration, super realistic style, Miki Asai Macro photography, close-up, hyper detailed, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski, ultra hd, realistic, vivid colors, highly detailed, UHD drawing, pen and ink, perfect composition, beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane render trending on artstation, 8k artistic photography, photorealistic concept art, soft natural volumetric cinematic perfect light
xray,very white old skin ,white  Slime blue glowing mushroom in background ,Cute fluffy squirrel creature from Space. (glowing ice blue eyes:1.9) .terraforming. Alien Flora, Miki Asai Macro photography, close-up, hyper detailed, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski detailed face, detailed skin  .underssed. nude. fullbody
professional high quality, photography of a ( luxury majestic
tattoo parlor (interior)),
architectural digital art,, pixabay,
by Jonny Valiant,, 8k resolution, detailed, focus,
Nature Photography In this vibrant and lively street-level photograph, New York City is transformed into a whimsical realm as squirrels claim their reign. Towering skyscrapers stand tall in the backdrop, forming a breathtaking urban landscape. The sidewalks are bustling with furry creatures, gracefully perched on benches and scurrying along, cheekily collecting food from street vendors. The image exhibits impeccable clarity, showcasing intricate details of each squirrel's fur and the urban architecture. Every color and texture is vividly captured, offering a stunning visual feast for the viewer's eyes., Nature Photography, often for flora, fauna, natural landscapes, or environmental beauty.
portrait photography, white shirt and gray vest, smile, soft colors, bokeh, (high detailed skin:1.1)
Portrait photography,(masterpiece, best quality, high quality, highres, ultra-detailed,8k),HDR,DOF,bokeh,
1girl,,long hair,
soft light,rim light,beautiful shadow,low key,(photorealistic, raw photo:1.2),(natural skin texture, realistic eye and face details),
fashion photography couture, Oil paintings landscape, steampunk,street. old city, fine art.
best quality,masterpiece,highly detailed,ultra-detailed,   aurora, beach, city lights, cloud, constellation, crescent moon, desert, earth \(planet\), fireworks, full moon, galaxy, horizon, light particles, milky way, moon, moonlight, mountain, night, night sky, no humans, planet, scenery, shooting star, shore, sky, space, star \(sky\), star \(symbol\), starry sky, starry sky print, sun, water , from Drone Photography , aerial perspectives, stunning vistas, unique angles, breathtaking landscapes, high-definition images, bird's-eye view, creative possibilities, cinematic shots, architectural details,
(A clean background:1.7),(An empty background:1.7),(Conceptual design:1.2),(Game character:1.2),cartoon,Standing posture,Look at the observer,A 45-year-old middle-aged uncle,Grey hair,White beard,A happy smile,hands on another's face,zeiss milvus 50mm,(Black people:1.1),(RAW photo, best quality, ),(realistic, photo-realistic:1.3, ),masterpiece,extremely detailed,CG,unity,2k wallpaper,Amazing,finely detail,extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper,huge filesize,ultra-detailed,highres,soft light,,<lyco:GoodHands-beta2:1.3>,
Masterpiece, best quality, perfect eyes, detailed eyes, (style of final fantasy:1.4), highres, raw, ultra high res, professional, absurdres, ultra detailed, extremely detailed, intricately detailed, HDR, UHD, 64K,
A portrait of beautiful women, solo, glamourous, extremely delicate and beautiful ,detailed face, perfect eyes, | |, perfect nose, perfect lips, detailed Textured crop, detailed Gray hair, wind effect, super model, (perfect anatomy:1.4), slender, detailed skin, intricate medium breasts, proud pose,
fashionable romantic one-piece with a lace-up front, delicate floral embroidery, and scalloped edges, designed by Ralph Rucci and Francesco Solimena,
Messy and intricately detailed Zentangle design background with Quasar and Kunzite and Topaz and Minuscule Phthalo Yellow Green Scrambling Spreading plant,   CherryRed Disk Floret plants/flower flower, properties/shape/petal,  Sepaloid, Decussate, Deep root , designed by  Ellen Isham Schutt  and Kim Jones and Bjarke Ingels, [(details:1.2): [ (many small details:1.3) : [ (many ultrasmall details: 1.2):(very detailed ultrasmall edges and microrelief:1.5):0.7 ]: 0.4 ] :0.2]
face focus, Bokeh, dynamic angle, astrophotography, film grain, lifelike, spring, Snowy,
<lyco:African_style_interior_design_Sa_May:1.0> Mancave, Afrofuturist architectural theme, obsidian floors, complementary and tertiary colors, rich, warm furniture, African wall photography, natural fibers, woods, leathers, spacious, open, luxurious, tactile, extremely expensive, 16k, photographic, award-winning, Architectural Digest
(analog photo:1.2),((dynamic pose:1.2),(dynamic camera,art retouch),(waist-length portrait, a young woman with long red hair wearing a hat),(long ginger red curly wind floating hair),posing for fashion,(look to camera),(intricate (chrome strips) volumetric glowing abstract background:1.3), in the style of intimacy, dreamscape portraiture, solarization, shiny kitsch pop art, solarization effect, reflections and mirroring, photobash, (composition centering, conceptual photography), (natural colors, correct white balance, color correction, dehaze,clarity),(skin texture)  stardust),(midnight hour, high quality, film grain), (natural colors, correct white balance, color correction, dehaze,clarity)
Portrait photography,photorealistic,(masterpiece, best quality, high quality, highres, ultra-detailed,8k),HDR,DOF,bokeh,
hotel suite,1girl,bath towel,
Aesthetic: ((Khmer, pornographic, historical, spiritual, earthy tones, ancient civilization):1.4) BREAK Composition: Khmer woman, serene and spiritual, adorned in traditional attire, (cultural heritage:1.3), sitting in a lotus position within an intricate stone temple BREAK Lighting: soft sunlight filtering through the temple carvings, casting a warm, peaceful glow BREAK Quality: vivid, meticulous detail, 8k, reminiscent of "in the style of Vann Nath" BREAK Camera Angle: a front view shot, capturing her tranquil figure and gentle gaze "looking at viewer" within the architectural marvel BREAK Appearance: (24 years old), gentle beauty, Cambodian features, ((dark hair, styled in a traditional bun)) BREAK (exquisite quality:0.999), BREAK (loras)
, , ,  , (front view, (pussy:1.2), looking at viewer:1.3),
Creative portrait photography, A shot with tension, chess, (wide shot, wide-angle lens, from below, Fisheye lens, Panoramic:1.2), 1girl, (looking at viewer:1.5) determined, pointing at viewer, nice hands, perfect hands, attacking the audience, (sky glows red, Visual impact, giving the poster a dynamic and visually striking appearance:1.2), reflective floor, (dramatic, gritty, intense:1.4), contrast of warm and cool tones, vivid details, Uneasy atmosphere, masterpiece, best quality, 32k uhd, insane details, intricate details, hyperdetailed, hyper quality, high detail, ultra detailed, Masterpiece, dark art, violent,
nautical-themed a detailed, award winning photograph of a person, pickle rick as superman! in gears of war, splash art, movie still, detailed face, photorealistic facial features, cinematic lighting, dramatic, octane render, long lens, shallow depth of field, bokeh, anamorphic lens flare, 8 k, hyper detailed, 3 5 mm film grain portrait, mountain battles, vyverns, maritime pine, fortress, siege, oaks, trees, architectural, colossal, lightning, temples, wide angle, puffy clouds, skies behind, stars in sky, Stars, Moon, italian masterpiece, Ashford Black Marble, Obsidian globe, sculpture, baroque, draped drapes, ocher details, still life, Obsidian, portrait, render, artstation, ultra detailedthe most beautiful panoramic landscape, oil painting, where a giant dreamy waterfall creates a river, the trees around are starting to bloom in purple colors, a majestic deer is in close - up and it is exhaling steam, the ray lights of the sunrise are brightening him, by greg rutkowski  . sea, ocean, ships, maritime, beach, marine life, highly detailed
A sprawling cityscape viewed from atop a steam-powered airship. Buildings fashioned out of brass, copper, and glass, with steam pipes curling into the cobalt sky. Tiny automatons scuttle about the streets, while humans, dressed in Victorian garb, stroll with parasols or ride in horseless carriages. A fusion of classical architectural elements – Romanesque columns, Gothic spires – with futuristic technology. Imagine cogs and gears melded with intricate iron wrought balconies. A young woman, dressed in neo-Victorian attire with goggles atop her raven-hued hair, leans over a map of the world, plotting her next adventure. The entire scene appears as if it's a page ripped from a graphic novel – vivid, sharp lines, sepia undertones. The detailing is such that it evokes the precision of photo realism yet with the charm of Victorian etchings, akin to viewing it on a cutting-edge 15k UHD display, where every gear, every puff of steam, stands out in impeccable clarity.
detailed face, skin grain, [freckles], hands
Fading photograph, past memories, tracking shot + layered montage, exquisitely aged, emphasize saturation, historical imprints + sepia tones + ambient room light, lantern glow + 60mm + telephoto + capture one + period piece style + soft focus + light leak + 16mm vintage
detailed skin texture, 1woman, 1boy, HDR, highres, no closer to finding the perpetrator, ((snowing)), ornate, (very wide shot), dslr, breeze, best quality, (thick thighs:1), illydic, flowers, (masterpiece), grey eyes, Fibonacci, trees, looking up, Mythology, 24mm, 8k, classical Latvian garden, bokeh, spring day, deep set wrinkles, long colored hair, myth, high contrast, (high quality, photo-realistic:1.5), tattoos, stunningly beautiful, analog style, (masterpiece:1.2), desert landscape, standing in the ocean, grass, 1girl, photo-realistic, construction worker, AMONG US, ((dark fantasy style), sharp focus:1.2, beige skin Caucasian man:1.1), sharp focus, (bright highlights:1.5), angry512:0.8, wide color coverage, dark brown hair, concept art, (artstation:1.5), delacroix style, sfw, architectural streets, delicate textures, 8 5 mm art lens, Charm, (cyborg:1.1), posing, (bloom, hdr:1.4), and the vibrant greens of the flourishing forest, soft cinematic light, ((1girl)), art by Midjourney and Greg Rutkowski, rivets, the room exudes enchantment and offers an intimate dining experience, dust, standard, young boy, (fractal art:1.3), bokha mood, balance, trending on tumblr, soft warm vibrant color palette, trending on CGSociety, solo, Polynesian woman, photo of [25 yo Anna:robot:10], snowy nordic forest, gothichorrorai  (gothic horror:0.5), warm moody light, a determined expression, extremely detailed eyes and face, unreal engine 4, splash art., (unique accessories:1.1), scenery, Ed Blinkey, Treadmill, a stunningly beautiful and powerful monstrous phoenix erupting from the ashes, a wreath on his head, Hyperdetailed, detailed face depiction, fantastic, shark

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