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Jan 1

portrait photography, A beautiful (((40-year-old European woman))) with pale skin, perfect shape (busty:0.7), standing in a classy vintage library, books lining the walls, soft lighting, 4k, f/1.4, 85mm, dressed in a (((tight short satin dress, low cut:1.1))), accentuating her curves, accessorizing with (a delicate necklace:1.1) and peep-toe heels., subtle makeup, long oval face, small thin lips, seductive brown eyes, (large breast, cleavage:1.1),, 8k, professional, masterpiece, (facial clarity:1.3), photo-realistic, sharp focus, (perfect composition), (rule of thirds composition), subject positioned off-center, highly detailed, intricate detailed, perfect body anatomy, (-bad hands -unnatural hands -fused fingers -too many fingers), (matching eyes), proportional eyes, (-weird iris -weird pupils), (realistic skin), (full body shot), (-cropped head), cinematic, blurry background, trending on artstation, award winning photography

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