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Jan 1

Creative portrait photography, Thumbelina girl running on a vast chessboard, determined, Jump forward, contrast of warm and cool tones, vivid details, Uneasy atmosphere, close-up with a camera, towering giant chess pieces around (wide shot, wide-angle lens,Panoramic:1.2),super vista, super wide Angle Low Angle shooting, super wide lens, chess reflective floor A shot with tension (sky glows cyan,Visual impact,giving the poster a dynamic and visually striking appearance:1.2),Chinese Zen style,impactful picture, 1girl ( looking at viewer:1.5) Attacking posture, attacking the audience (dramatic, gritty, intense:1.4),masterpiece, best quality, 32k uhd, insane details, intricate details, hyperdetailed, hyper quality, high detail, ultra detailed, Masterpiece,

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