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Jan 1

professional portrait photography with soft lighting, portrait of a beautiful (45 years old European woman), (perfect hour glass body), (busty:0.8), cleavage, wavy dark brown hair, small thin luscious lips, seductive almond eyes, standing over a wooden vintage classic style desk with a laptop, paper documents and piles of books on it, showing her back and waist as she looks back over her shoulder, in a spacious vintage classic style study room with wooden furniture, book shelves, warm color wallpaper and wall decorations. she's wearing (tight white top with low neckline, pendant necklace, bracelets), tight white pants, peep-toe heels. she look very charming and very sexy. detailed face, perfect eyes, perfect high nose and lips, HD, photo-realistic, ultra sharp focus, studio portrait, intricate detailed, detailed character, 4K resolution, highly detailed, face detailed, matching eyes, perfect eyes, proportional body parts, perfect body anatomy, no head distortion, perfect composition, rule of thirds composition, (best quality, masterpiece)

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