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Jan 1

Street photography , young woman,nude, natural breasts, closed mouth, realistic skin texture, slim, erotic, relaxed, haze lighting, spring, (analog:1.3), specular lighting, (wide shot:1.2), F/5, (cinematic still:1.2), 35mm photograph, film, professional, (skin texture visible:1.5), natural breasts, realistic skin, skin pores, skin moles, skin imperfections, visible skin detail, skin fuzz, dry skin, (detailed eyes), (detailed facial features), detailed skin texture, sharp focus, F/5, 35mm photograph, film, professional, photographic, editorial photograph, hyperdetailed photography, soft light, Direct light, natural lighting, film grain, photography, (photorealistic:1.4), dslr, f2, 16mm, 50mm, 35mm, Kodak UltraMax 400, Fujifilm Superia Premium 400, Nikon D850 film stock photograph, Kodak Portra 400 f1.6 lens, Dramatic, Atmospheric, 8k, UHD, color graded portra 400 film, analog raw photo, amateur photo, film stock photograph, photorealism, amazing fine detail, absurdres, lifelike

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