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Jan 1

AmandaPflugrad, Paris street scene, street fashion, smile:1.8, laughing:1.3, street photography, ((black slacks, colorful top, bold scarf)), razored combover bob haircut, ((red lipstick)), ((slim, fit, lanky, coltish:1.5)), orange cashmere sweater, luxury, looking at viewer, Hasselblad H6D, 80mm portrait, natural lighting, oiled skin, perfect eye blush, slightly open mouth, long eye lashes, , , ((dawn, daybreak, pink sky:1.3)), detailed skin texture, (blush:0.5), (goosebumps:0.5), subsurface scattering, RAW candid cinema, 16mm, color graded portra 400 film, remarkable color, ultra realistic, textured skin, remarkable detailed pupils, realistic dull skin noise, visible skin detail, skin fuzz, dry skin, shot with cinematic camera

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