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Jan 1

Best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, raw photo, (photorealistic:1.4), 1girl, gothic style, thick goth girl with a young face and body, appearing to be 18 years old, (street photography:1.2), wet in heavy rain, (all lace clothes:1.3), fishnet stockings, asymmetric colored hair parts, (black makeup:1.2), a deeply sad expression, tears welling up in her eyes, confident stance with a hint of vulnerability, wet hair, raindrops on skin, puddles on the ground, (moody atmosphere), (cinematic lighting:1.2), dramatic shadows, vibrant colors, (wet and shiny skin), (realistic skin texture), (lush hair:1.3), (full lips), captivating and sorrowful eyes, (pale skin), (gothic accessories), (tattoos), urban backdrop, wet streets, (street art in the background), (gritty environment), (high contrast:1.3), (low saturation:1.2), (edgy composition), (sexy and mysterious), (seductive pose), (looking at viewer:1.2), (posing in front of graffiti), (confident and rebellious), wearing a black oversized jacket on top but don't cover her front, revealing her alluring lace outfit underneath. Her youthful appearance adds a poignant contrast to her sadness, evoking a sense of innocence amidst the emotional turmoil

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