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Jan 1

a dystopian cyber fashion cybernetic Albert Einstein in cyberpunk 2077 video game, atome symbole, relativity, (masterpiece, high resolution, UHD, trending on ArtStation, CG, best quality, official art) (stunning, detailed perfect face, dynamic pose:1.6), (advanced robotic cyber arms:1.5), dermal protective armor, synthetic skin overlay, intricately designed cybernetic hands), intricate robot character design accents, cutting-edge cyber enhancements) (corporate-dominated, bustling streets, towering buildings adorned with colossal advertising holograms, (vibrant neon lights:1.2), diverse urban populace, buzzing drones and airborne vehicles, persistent rain, smog-laden skies) Influenced by prestigious platforms and artists: CGSociety, Niji style, cyberpunk shadowrunner theme, acclaimed pieces from Jeremy Chong, shadowrun universe, Cyberpunk 2077 game aesthetics, with artistic inspirations from artgerm, Kei Mieno, Leng Jun, Dylan Eakin, Marco Grassi. (vivid contrast, distinctive art, unparalleled detailing) Embark on a visual journey into a sprawling urban future, where the luminance of neon clashes with the shadows of towering structures. The centerpiece,

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