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Jan 1

1. A visually stunning and photorealistic scene unfolds with two versions of Albert Einstein standing face to face. One Einstein represents the classic, historical figure while the other is a fully roboticized and cyberpunk version, both with identical expressions of awe and curiosity. 2. The original Einstein is captured in all his classic glory, featuring his iconic unruly hair, trademark mustache, and a formal suit, while the cyberpunk Einstein is a masterpiece of mechanical precision. He is adorned with gleaming chrome and advanced cybernetic enhancements, including robotic limbs and glowing cyberoptics. 3. These two versions of Einstein reach out toward each other through a shimmering, luminous temporal portal, their hands nearly touching. The portal emits a captivating, ethereal glow, reminiscent of a wormhole, emphasizing the extraordinary nature of this encounter. 4. The backdrop is an intricate blend of timelines, where classical elements collide with cyberpunk dystopia. Historic blackboards, equations, and symbols hover in the background alongside neon-soaked cyberpunk cityscapes, creating a visually striking juxtaposition of eras. 5. The image should be executed with the highest level of photorealism, capturing every detail, texture, and reflection. The lighting should be impeccable, with the temporal portal casting a soft, magical radiance over the scene. 6. This artwork embodies the meeting of genius and futurism, illustrating the transcendence of time and technology. The detailed execution and precise composition elevate it to a true masterpiece of photorealistic cyberpunk art. Create this tableau with meticulous attention to detail, blending the worlds of history and cyberpunk into an astonishing and hyper-realistic work of art. --s 1000

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