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Jan 1

((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), (detailed), photorealistic, ultra high res, intricate, hyper detailed, (indentation), cute, feminine, ( beautiful), (full shot:1.1) portrait of a (beautiful egyptian women mixed:1.2),((uncrowned Cleopatra posing her entire body:1.4)),( background is Egyptian pyramids:1.2), Egyptian setting, 8k uhd, dslr, soft lighting, high quality, (sleeveless top:1.2), (micro-bikini:1.2), ((uncrowned:1.4)), Cleopatra, a vision of timeless beauty, showcased her youthful allure in a captivating and daring ensemble. The young queen adorned her slender, supple form in a two-piece, golden string micro-bikini that left little to the imagination. The top piece, a shimmering gold fabric, barely contained her feminine curves, and was intricately woven with fine threads that glinted seductively in the light. Precious stones, like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, were embedded into the fabric, creating an irresistible dance of color that drew the eye to her alluring figure. The matching bikini bottom, equally as revealing, clung to the mesmerizing curve of her hips, accentuating her slender waist. A jeweled belt comprised of gold chains and an assortment of precious stones hung around her hips, complementing the vibrant colors of the bikini. The belt's centerpiece, a magnificent emerald the size of a dove's egg, rested at her navel, attracting attention to her breathtaking form. Cleopatra's smooth, golden skin glowed with an ethereal radiance, the result of fragrant oils and exotic lotions that imparted a sensual scent. Her bare arms were embellished with intricately designed golden armbands that coiled around her biceps and wrists like serpents. Each armband showcased a unique pattern, adding to her mysterious aura. Delicate fingers were adorned with rings of gold and precious stones, reflecting light with each graceful gesture. Her raven-black hair cascaded over her shoulders in a sea of lustrous waves and framing her face like a celestial halo. Cleopatra's face was a harmonious blend of softness and strength, with a smooth and flawless complexion that seemed to glow in the sun's gentle embrace. Almond-shaped, obsidian eyes were framed by thick, dark lashes that cast shadows upon her high cheekbones, their intensity entrancing and captivating. A straight, regal nose and sculpted cheekbones lent her countenance an air of refinement and authority, while full, crimson lips conveyed both invitation and challenge. This breathtaking vision of Cleopatra, radiant and bold in her revealing, golden micro-bikini, captured the essence of her legendary beauty and power, leaving no doubt that she was a queen to be both revered and desired. cgi, raytracing, depth of field, backlit, rim lighting, dramatic lighting, ambient occlusion, volumetric lighting, professional studio lighting, closed mouth, insanely detailed, absurdres, UHD, ultra realistic detailed intricate concept art station photorealistic sharp focus ray tracing 8k, beautiful face, solo,

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