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Jan 1

joan of arc, beautiful knight wearing armor, (blonde hair), curvy, strong, blue eyes, [Flirty character portrait], (((full body))), (((1girl full body))), ((wide shot)),(1girl looking away),( wide big eyes:1.1), (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), (standing on a french battlefield), french countryside, masterpiece, ((highres)), shallow depth of field, Sharp focus, hdr, 8k, Cannon EOS 5D Mark III, 85mm, Cinematic , asymmetry, Amazing photography ,dynamic compositon, full body photo, De-Noise, f 5.6 , 85mm, CineStill 800T, film photo, flowing, elegant pose, realistic portrait, round eyes, skin texture, soft natural lighting, intimate composition, Cinestill 800T, modelshoot style, (8k wallpaper), perfect, masterpiece, highres, absurdres,broad light, Sharp focus, natural lighting, masterpiece, 4K, high quality, ((slim)), (smirk), (big eyes) <hypernet:incaseA3_v18000Steps:0.3> <hypernet:Midjourney:0.2>

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