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Jan 1

(((Hayao Miyazaki anime style))) (((drawing body anatomy according to lessons Leonardo da Vinci's Michelangelo))), (((academically correctly drawn body symmetry tendons and ligaments body muscles skeleton of bones beautiful face athletic very well developed muscles fingers hands beautiful body symmetrical eyes beautiful eyes very well drawn body muscles well-defined muscle fibers on the body very beautiful retina beautiful female breast beautiful female tits anime style))), (((academically correctly drawn))), (((beautiful semi naked goddess of Scandinavian mythology Valkyrie))), full length, (((high-quality drawing of materials))), (((correct anatomy of hands))), (((very wet body))), (((very wet clothes))), (very very transparent blue dress), (((beautiful ancient helmet on head Scandinavian mythology))), (((athletic pumped up body of a girl))), (((bird wings from helmet))), (((athletic legs and hips))), (((perfect female body))), (((perfect female breasts))), (((perfect female butt))), closeup, carefully drawn, (((best quality))), (((high resolution))), (((high attention to detail))), colorful realism, (((high definition and level of detail))), (((Highest quality))), (((perfect masterpiece))), pearl illusion, (((detail performance))), (((complex details))), animated lighting, (((hyper-detailed))), 8K, HD, OCrenderer, 3D, anime style, (((detailed drawing))), wallpaper 4K, trending on ArtStation, makoto shinkai,

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