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Jan 1

an awarded profesional photography of 1 girl ,[AM158_Jaroslava:jp-svetrisqF-2450:13] as a Lily: Tall, graceful, cascading silver-blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, gentle smile, alabaster skin, small but shapely breasts, and a serene aura. ,Industrial Chic: A sleek, black, leather-like dress with silver hardware accents, paired with a coordinating, oversized silver chain belt and knee-high, lace-up boots, reflecting a strong, urban aesthetic., fight with 1man, beard, musculature, impact reaction, kung fu, action shot, straight punch, street fight by Richard Avedon Architectural Lighting,(epic scene:1.3),ultradetialed character with perfect face,detailed skin,(ultrasharp:1.3),(masterpiece:1.1),best quality , ultradetailed character,4k perfect quality,character focus,Magnificent,Imperceptible detail,Intricately designed, impresive, extremally detailed, vivid colors, art by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme,

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