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Jan 1

Surrealist art ,"a boat in a papaya fruit, an island made of food, inspired by Vladimir Kush, sculpted out of candy, super realistic food picture, beautiful high detail photo, food art, tropical fruit, gestation inside a watermelon, small boat, but futuristic food, miniature photography closeup, lush garden spaceship, 4k polymer clay food photography, miniature product photo, beautiful detailed miniature" with a house with a spiral staircase and a pool, maximalist sculpted design, magnificent design, very elegant & complex, luxurious environment, decadent spiral staircase, built around ocean, ambient cave lighting, by Jeffrey Smith, architectural digest, luxurious indoor setting, luxury architecture, by Seb McKinnon, rounded architecture, stunning render, award winning interior design, inside a grand, breathtaking render, blurry background bokeh of a close up of a colorful explosion of paint on a black background, colourful explosion, colorful explosion, color explosion, an explosion of colors, color ink explosion, explosion of color, explosion of colors, explosive colors, spectacular splatter explosion, dark color. explosions, splashes of colors, splashes of color, philosophical splashes of colors, colourful 4 k hd, colorful, paint splatter, black background, abstract, no humans, simple background, solo, paint . Dreamlike, mysterious, provocative, symbolic, intricate, detailed

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