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Jan 1

nautical-themed a detailed, award winning photograph of a person, pickle rick as superman! in gears of war, splash art, movie still, detailed face, photorealistic facial features, cinematic lighting, dramatic, octane render, long lens, shallow depth of field, bokeh, anamorphic lens flare, 8 k, hyper detailed, 3 5 mm film grain portrait, mountain battles, vyverns, maritime pine, fortress, siege, oaks, trees, architectural, colossal, lightning, temples, wide angle, puffy clouds, skies behind, stars in sky, Stars, Moon, italian masterpiece, Ashford Black Marble, Obsidian globe, sculpture, baroque, draped drapes, ocher details, still life, Obsidian, portrait, render, artstation, ultra detailedthe most beautiful panoramic landscape, oil painting, where a giant dreamy waterfall creates a river, the trees around are starting to bloom in purple colors, a majestic deer is in close - up and it is exhaling steam, the ray lights of the sunrise are brightening him, by greg rutkowski . sea, ocean, ships, maritime, beach, marine life, highly detailed

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