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Jan 1

detailed skin texture, 1man, 1girl, HDR, highres, no closer to finding the perpetrator, ((snowing)), ornate, (very wide shot), dslr, breeze, best quality, (thick thighs:1), illydic, flowers, (masterpiece), yellow eyes, Fibonacci, trees, looking up, Mythology, 24mm, 8k, classical Burmese garden, bokeh, spring day, deep set wrinkles, long colored hair, myth, high contrast, (high quality, photo-realistic:1.5), tattoos, stunningly beautiful, analog style, (masterpiece:1.2), desert landscape, standing in the ocean, grass, 1girl, photo-realistic, construction worker, AMONG US, ((dark fantasy style), sharp focus:1.2, peach skin Native American woman:1.1), sharp focus, (bright highlights:1.5), angry512:0.8, wide color coverage, ginger hair, concept art, (artstation:1.5), delacroix style, sfw, architectural streets, delicate textures, 8 5 mm art lens, Charm, (cyborg:1.1), posing, (bloom, hdr:1.4), and the vibrant greens of the flourishing forest, soft cinematic light, ((1girl)), art by Midjourney and Greg Rutkowski, rivets, the room exudes enchantment and offers an intimate dining experience, dust, standard, young girl, (fractal art:1.3), bokha mood, balance, trending on tumblr, soft warm vibrant color palette, trending on CGSociety, solo, Latino woman, photo of [25 yo Anna:robot:10], snowy nordic forest, gothichorrorai (gothic horror:0.5), warm moody light, a determined expression, extremely detailed eyes and face, unreal engine 4, splash art., (unique accessories:1.1), scenery, Ed Blinkey, Treadmill, a stunningly beautiful and powerful monstrous phoenix erupting from the ashes, a wreath on his head, Hyperdetailed, detailed face depiction, fantastic, shark

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