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Jan 1

A beautiful [[rz-shear]] art of a giant snail with its mouth open drawn on it, created by Tim Burton, thomas kinkade, Hwan Khares, Liang Phong, 4K high quality realism, exquisite detail, post-processing, masterpiece, cinematic, deep horror, sharp focus, high details, daylight, astrophotography, 4K render, super resolution-n 8 s620 0- 9906 3-1-200-001, hq digital painting terragen beautiful lighting, mystical ambience, trending in art station, no shot on artstation, artstationHD, 4k UHD, 35mm f/, Bokeh, Bokeh, Bokeh, 8K CryEngine rendered in Maya Render on Flickr.4k UHD, RAW Dreaming mood, Kodak Kodachrome 200mm

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