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Jan 1

Film noir style (Sketch:1.3) A brightly colored powder fills the air, forming a magical and enchanting spectacle. The burst of colors creates a captivating explosion, akin to a mesmerizing display of color ink. The photo showcases the dispersal of colorful pigments, with a focus on the abstract beauty of the moment. Against a black background, the colors stand out vividly. a broken light bulb sitting on top of a table, lightbulb, light bulb, an upright lightbulb, hyperrealistic art, photorealistic painting, by Robert Peak, light bulbs, detailed conceptual photography, photorealistic oil painting, hyperrealistic painting, hyperrealistic oil painting, hyperrealistic photography, photography hyperrealism, ultrarealistic oil painting, photorealistic art Vibrant, ,(Mono Color:1.3) . Monochrome, high contrast, dramatic shadows, 1940s style, mysterious, cinematic

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