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Jan 1

midjourney pride,(a hyperrealistic image of completely filled (foggy) a dusty pastell powder glowing powerful splashing),((dynamic pose:1.2),(dynamic camera),(cute beautiful young skinny smile a woman in a towel is posing for a photo,Full-figured body),(look to viewer),(full red lips),(Light Blue Wallpaper with a food vintage pattern in the background:1.3), , in the style of intimacy, dreamscape portraiture, solarization, shiny kitsch pop art, solarization effect, reflections and mirroring, photobash, (composition centering, conceptual photography)),cold gamma colors,color correction,highly detailed, rule of third, soft lighting, beautiful detailed, insanely intricate details, hypermaximalistic, high details, 8k wallpaper, ultra detailed, beautiful and aesthetic, masterpiece, best quality,extremely detailed, the most beautiful form of chaos, elegant designed, vivid colours, romanticism, atmospheric, ,<lyco:MJ_Pride:0.33>

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