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Jan 1

Surrealist art ,"a man's feet on a train track, walking above the clouds and fog, treading above calm water, trailing off into the horizon, detailed legs looming over you, leading lines, leading to the sky, standing on a cloud, stepping on a miniature city, surreal 3 d render, extreme perspective, low angle perspective, detailed legs towering over you, detailed conceptual photography","a woman in a helmet with flames behind her, evil steampunk pyromancer woman, portrait of a sci - fi woman, fantasy character portrait, portrait of a steampunk ice lady, epic fantasy art portrait, fantasy genre portrait, portrait of a female mage, fantasy concept art portrait, wearing victorian brass goggles, portrait of a steampunk catgirl, portrait of a dnd character" wine bottle with tree and flowers, vine art, white wine bottle, wine bottle, surreal 3 d render, photoillustration, with a few vines and overgrowth, surreal composition, photo - manipulation, photo manipulation, creative photo manipulation, 3 d artistic render, entwined in vines and nature, wine label, still life photo of a backdrop, inspired by Vladimir Kush, no humans, scenery, outdoors, sky, day, cloud, tree, bird, balloon, flower, nature, blue sky, sunlight, plant . Dreamlike, mysterious, provocative, symbolic, intricate, detailed

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