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Jan 1

a gorgeous voluptuous woman with jet black short hair,and beautiful face standing in a cave with a glowing staff in her hand and a electric blue orb in the middle of the picture,dark fantasy art,a detailed matte painting,matte fantasy painting,crisp,clear,clean,sharp smooth,Sithandwesson Bastien L. Deharme,doppler,, award winning masterpiece digital matte painting ,best quality ,amazing composition ,high detail ,photorealistic,8k HD,top trending on artgerm , and Artstation ,concept art , Conceptual Surreal Photography, Canon FV M100,twilight ,high definition , Honeycomb Softbox lighting ,masterful shading , perfect shadow by Sithandwesson, Global Illumination Photon Mapping Dynamic Lighting Light Attenuation R, Real-Time Global Illumination Real-Time Shadows Procedural Sky Environment Lighting Dynamic Weather Systems Real-Time GI Caching, electrical ,arc , lightning,conductive , electricity ,chaotic ,electrocute,electro bolt ,bolt of lightning,shock ,Beautiful, destructive ,dangerous,deadly,intricate, elegant,ethereal,electric,smooth,sharp,clear,Hyper detail,chaotic,masterpiece rendered in octane,by sithandwesson, hot ,intense ,devouring ,scorching,sweltering ,pyrotechnics ,burning,flaming ,smoking,dancing,incinerating ,combustion,insane detail ,intense matte color ,intricate ,ethereal,explosive,ultra realistic ,flammable ,on fire ,spectacular ,elemental,fire ,, intricate,elegant,amazing,ultra resolution ,immaculate details ,beautiful composition ,gorgeous contrast, ruby romanticism,Diamond sharp ,sapphire smooth ,created by Doug Beekman, Drew Struzan, Deferred Rendering Physically-Based Rendering Anisotropic Specular Procedural Shading Vector Displacement Mapping, cold stormy night wind blowing across a meadow on the foothills of a large mountain range,with snow, dramatic digital masterpiece,by frazetta and johfra bosschart,trending artstation,hd detailed,photo realistic,volumetric lighting,cinematic,digital photorealistic octane render,8k post processing,highly detail,ultra sharp depth field,unreal engine,masterpiece award winning national geographic nature photography,beautiful,ambient occlusion,p strong perspective wide angle action,

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