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Jan 1

Academia, A tear in the fabric of time and space,created by a evil ambitious wizard,civilizations and beings are combined in the blink of a eye,this is what its like when worlds collide,award winning masterpiece of matte digital art,insane detail,perfect composition,gorgeous contrast,photorealistic,sci-fi,dark sci-fi,8k HD,subsurface smoothing,NPR shaders,Ocular inclusion,masterfully rendered in Octane by Sithandwesson,, award winning masterpiece digital matte painting ,best quality ,amazing composition ,high detail ,photorealistic,8k HD,top trending on artgerm , and Artstation ,concept art , Conceptual Surreal Photography, Canon FV M100 ,high definition ,masterful shading , perfect shadow,intricate elegant sharp clear focus, by Sithandwesson, Depth Peeling Real-Time Reflections Environment Occlusion Subsurface Reflections Transmittance Caustics Rendering Dispersion, intricate,elegant,amazing,ultra resolution ,immaculate details ,beautiful composition ,gorgeous contrast, ruby romanticism,Diamond sharp ,sapphire smooth ,created by Doug Beekman, Drew Struzan, Vector Displacement Mapping NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering) Toon Shading Cel Shading Wireframe Rendering NPR Hatching, a entity with inept magic ability . intelligent,intellectual,calm,composed,precise,neat,tidy, somewhere,with padded flexible armor . doppler,, preppy Ivy League style, stark, dramatic, chic boarding school, academia

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