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Jan 1

((artistic aesthetic candid cinematography shot of polaroid optical [Refractive macrophotograph:1.7] in telephoto metalens of)), [[[[ ultra detailed artistic abstract photography of liquid lust, detailed captivating eyes on molten statue, asymmetrical, gooey liquid hair, color exploding lips, highly refractive skin, Digital painting, colorful, volumetric lighting, 8k, by Cyril Rolando, by artgerm, Trending on Artstation, 16k resolution, 300 dpi, 600 dpi, 4k, Contest winner, High definition, detailed, realistic, 8k uhd, high quality, ]]]] , coy sweet look, cute delicate facial traits, nivea,ancient elegant , respectfull ancient housewife, romance, pale eyes, old memory, nostalgia, golden hour skin tone, super windy, lens flare, atmospheric phenomena, As smooth as satin, fresh and white Firm breast, [(tiny: 1.6) Breast red-tipped]; Alluring Breast taut, dark gradient spot, fuzzy, timelapse, vinilic clay space, spotless mind, BBB, Teuven, Belgie, Slenaken, Messalla and Salinator, 2000 AD, thriller storm, with multifocal 300mm, conceptual , hurricane,glown firefly braid ropes, contorted, wanderer, artistic interpretation, pardon, abandon, Subjective Refraction, busto, malacard, shot in IMAX, cosy, optography phoropter, (heavy smoke:1.3), (particles:1.1)

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