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Jan 1

(Conceptual design:1.2),(Game character:1.2),(cartoon:1.3),Look at the observer,Masterpiece,(Best quality:0.9),Highres,Extremely detailed 8k wallpaper,Very clear,,,<lyco:GoodHands-beta2:1.3>,,An 18-year-old beauty dancing in a red dress,(There is an ornate pattern on the skirt:1.3),(With a wreath on his head:1.3),Long red hair,Hair fluttered in the wind,Laugh happily,Slim,Green eyes,Big eyes,Red dancing shoes,The garden is full of guests,The guests all smiled and looked at the dancing girl,The background is a garden full of flowers.,The girl spins and jumps,cute,tiny,There are beautiful clouds in the sky,There are anthropomorphic squirrels on the branches,There are white kittens and yellow dogs on the ground.,

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