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Jan 1

((artistic aesthetic candid cinematography shot of polaroid optical [Refractive macrophotograph:1.7] in telephoto metalens of)), (Candid 1.3), photo of a vivacious (Japanese|Israeli) supermodel, Striking eyes, voluminous thick wavy hair, post-apoc Geisha Aesthetic, lipgloss, wearing intricately detailed tactical clothing, Colourful design, looking at viewer, seductive expression, (upper body shot:1.3), Studio lighting, shot using a Lumix GH5 in the style of (Thierry Mugler) High detail, intricate, detailed face, detailed eyes, detailed skin, Plain Backdrop , coy sweet look, cute delicate facial traits, nivea,ancient elegant , respectfull ancient housewife, romance, pale eyes, old memory, nostalgia, golden hour skin tone, super windy, lens flare, atmospheric phenomena, As smooth as satin, fresh and white Firm breast, [(tiny: 1.6) Breast red-tipped]; Alluring Breast taut, dark gradient spot, fuzzy, timelapse, vinilic clay space, spotless mind, BBB, Teuven, Belgie, Slenaken, Messalla and Salinator, 2000 AD, thriller storm, with multifocal 300mm, conceptual , hurricane,glown firefly braid ropes, contorted, wanderer, artistic interpretation, pardon, abandon, Subjective Refraction, busto, malacard, shot in IMAX, cosy, optography phoropter

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