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Jan 1

(((Holographic Batik:2))), portrait photograph of a close-up of a 12-year-old black girl, (Ethiopian woman:1.3), (light skin,:1.8) (multicolor silk hair:1.9), (brown skin,:1.5) beautiful woman from side, (extreme closeup:1.2), half face, (smiling:1.3),(cheek out of frame:1.2), 1cheek, (sexy look:1.8), (flirting with camera:1.8), (off-center:1.1), looking to side, masterpieces, (big eyes:2), (pure eyes:1.6), (light brown eyes:1.3), detailed eyes, glittering eye, detailed skin, (detailed lips:1.4), (young beautiful:1.4) yet cursed with dread woman, perfect symmetrical face, indigenous ivory jewelry, tattered witches dress, poltergeist wraith, soft back light (((dark and gloomy fog))) environment, key light, forsaken dead evil spirit landscape, ultra realistic, concept art, elegant, ((intricate)), ((highly detailed)), depth of field, ((professionally color graded)), soft ambient lighting, (photography) art style by ((artgerm Clint Cearley Cedric Seaut Chris LaBrooy anton fadeev Cedric Peyravernay Anato Finnstark brom Alejandro Burdisio eddie mendoza)), captured by a legendary (photog) (photographer), award winning photoshoot, | rossdraws global illumination, conceptart, concept art, fantasy art, trending on art station, space art, epic fantasy character art, trending on artstation hq, ultra realistic, concept art, elegant, ((intricate)), ((highly detailed)), ((professionally color graded)), soft blue ambient lighting, dusk, 8k, 4k || || (realistic skin texture), ((subsurface scattering)), (skin fuzz), hair strands, skin fuzz, freckles, perfect symmetrical face, ((realistic vision)), with a dramatic and atmospheric feel, (epic and grand in scale), (intricate and detailed elements), (impressive and imposing ), (spectacular and breathtaking view), (cinematic lighting), (glowing highlights), (stunning and realistic textures), (high-resolution image), (crisp and detailed shadows), (rich and saturated color palette), (f2.0 lens), (cinematic 4K wallpaper:1.1), (((matte skin reflection))), (((soft reflection))), (dry skin), (clean face), (perfect skin:1.3), (clean skin), (no skin reflection), real, realistic, realism, photorealistic, photorealism, || Nikon Z9, Canon 5d, canon m50, 200m, macro photography, analog photo, polaroid, 100mm, film photography, dslr, cinema4d, photorealism, photorealistic, daguerreotype photograph, tilt shift, fisheye lens, Associated press, High resolution scan, HDR:2|| , dusk, 8k, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha

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