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Jan 1

super quality++, (unreal engine 5:1.3, 8k wallpaper, masterpiece, macro photography vivid colors, hyperrealistic:1.3), beautiful eyes, hard lighting, hard shadow, cinematic, royal, seductive, seductress, 1girl, (mature female:1.3), adult female, 30 year old,pink hair, long hair, (milf:1.2), (slim body:1.3), tall body, (glowing red eyes:1.2), (large breasts:1.2), succubus, demon girl, (large demon horns:1.2), (demon tails:1.3), (succubus tail:1.3), earrings, parted lips, (night:1.3), rose petals, (evil face:1.2), seductive smile, grin, (smirk:1.2), makeup, large lace choker, large necklaces, head tilt, , collarbone, sexy pose, scenery, forest, nature, outdoors, tree, water, trees, white skin, dress, belly dancer clothes, arabian robe, robe, egyptian robe, belly dancer,revealing clothes,pelvic curtain,dancer, harem, 1girl,

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