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Jan 1

masterpiece, best quality, (ultra realistic, hyperrealism, from below:1.3), blurry simple background, dynamic, , concretism, hypermaximalistic, fantasy kitchen, BREAK 1woman, absurdly long wavy white hair, grey eyes, facial expressions, tiny breasts, <lyco:GoodHands-beta2:1.0>, BREAK, a highly accurate rendering from behind of her waist, digital photography, hd k 8 leyendecker, m christler by portrait body proportion, (body artstation beautiful hairbow:2.14) intricate art, gathering the magic arcane detailed highly hairbrush, art by hsihao wei and frank frzek and artgerm, lighting soft strokes, brush strong palette, color orange vintage cinematic contrast high portrait, highly details surreal intricate, epic art, style bekano of style painting and art gary by detailed very masterpiece beautiful painting face kurocagper of photography composition symmically detailed painting landscape epic light intense fantasy scene epic style dark watercolor gildpaper illustration focus painterically, realistic, k 4 s, 1960 mancade, - palaika nasa boston detailed finely gildrom, detailed ultra face realistic style movie quality hight art game video a from screenshot hypermodern-modernist realistic, super quality game v giger rafkovitchev den rusever garmassian by

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