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Jan 1

Real estate photography style, Aerial view landscape painting, in the style of Thomas Moran, BREAK, Fearless woman traveler exploring a hidden canyon, Windblown chestnut hair, Adventurous spirit in her eyes, (Tattered explorer outfit:1.3), (Well-worn hiking boots:1.2), (Leather backpack:1.2), BREAK, Mysterious canyon walls towering above, Gushing river flowing through the oasis, (Vibrant green palm trees:1.3), (Exotic wildlife:1.2), BREAK, (Warm sunlight:1.2), (Soft breeze:1.3), (Enchanting atmosphere:1.2), Expertly painted with rich and detailed brushwork, (Trending on ArtStation), , (masterpiece, best quality, high quality, highres, ultra-detailed, intricate), Professional, inviting, well-lit, high-resolution, property-focused, commercial, highly detailed

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