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Slug AI Generated Art

scernery,  Postcolonial Art  Snug Cel Shading RenderWare engine Symbolist Macro Photography Cubist
naked (smug:1.2) [pale rainbow-haired 18yo woman with pixie cut::0.2] [wonder woman:0.2] is having fun in the nightclub, bokeh,
Disney style, cartoony, Princess Jasmine, highly detailed background, intricate details, inside sultan's palace, standing, smug grin, large penis, large balls, gold jewelry, bare breasts
, pikachu, blue eyes, BREAK standing, christmas, christmas tree, christmas outfit, ((red clothes)), belt, skirt, short christmas cape, [[[[red t-shirt]]]], (underboob), (striped legwear, stripes, christmas stockings), smug smile, open mouth, cowboy shot, close up, (high quality:1.2), masterpiece, detailed, highres, 8k, UHD, sharp focus
masterpiece, extremely detailed, (realistic:1.1), portrait, 1girl, rapunzelwaifu, black eyeliner, smug, (extremely long:1.2) messy blonde hair, purple dress, white panties, lace stockings, sitting, (spread legs, thigh gap:1.2), skirt lift,
, painting, highly detailed, full shot of a Deafening Shiny (Julia Fox:1.1) , Valet, wearing outfit designed by Harry Potter, from inside of a Botanical Garden, Bokeh, Smug, by GLaDOS, soft light, F/2.8, three colors, extremely detailed CG Unity 8k wallpaper,
(masterpiece, best quality, detailed), 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, 
, lumine, hair ornament, flower, hair flower, short hair with long locks, hair between eyes, white flower, sidelocks, medium breasts, fedora, brown headwear, brown pants, black belt, cowboy hat, brown jacket, leather jacket, indiana jones, white shirt, satchel, , gear, machine, indoors, clock, chair, table, book stack, hands on hips, smug, v-shaped eyebrows, smile, closed mouth
, leonardo da vinci rider, blue eyes, brown hair, long hair, parted bangs, black footwear, brown jacket, elbow gloves, gloves, jacket, loafers, metal gloves, pantyhose, red skirt, shoes, skirt, puffy sleeves, thighhighs, blue thighhighs,, (masterpiece:1.3), (best quality:1.3), 1girl, solo, cowboy shot,  standing on one leg, cropped torso, forest,outline,fountain,shop,outdoors,east asian architecture,greco-roman architecture,restaurant,shanty town/slum,, 
facing away, pencil sketch,
masterpiece, best quality, anime illustration, highly detailed, 2d, nice hands, (cleopatra_\(fate)\:1.3), fgocleo, (cleomain:1.2), long sleeves, short shorts, brown pantyhose, egpytian style bar, 1girl, long hair, blunt bangs, bangs, green eyes, very long hair, green hair, hairband, jewelry, earrings, hoop earrings, breasts, medium breasts, smug, hands on own hips,
((hermione granger), (young emma watson), mila kunis), brown [eyes], short curly (brown) hair, (smug smile),
winter village, heavy winter clothes, boots,
full body shot, wide angle,
modelshoot style, (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), full shot body photo of the most beautiful artwork in the world, professional majestic oil painting by Ed Blinkey, Atey Ghailan, Studio Ghibli, by Jeremy Mann, Greg Manchess, Antonio Moro, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, Intricate, High Detail, Sharp focus, dramatic, photorealistic painting art by midjourney and greg rutkowski, by art germ,
(masterpiece, best quality, detailed), 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, lumine, hair ornament, flower, hair flower, short hair with long locks, hair between eyes, white flower, sidelocks, medium breasts,
fedora, brown headwear, brown pants, black belt, cowboy hat, brown jacket, leather jacket, indiana jones, white shirt, satchel, desert, sand, dust, sun, contrapposto, smug, smile, closed mouth, v-shaped eyebrows
<lora:Averiv0.9:0.8>, foxgirl, 1girl, fox (Anthro, chest fluff, fluffy ears,realistic proportions, anthro proportions, furry, crazy, no pupils, no iris, Aniridia, Aniridia syndrome, lifeless eyes, evil, scheeming, saitama, ultra instinct, raw power, hyper power, serious, glowing eyes, glowing blue eyes), good quality, hq, fur reflecting lights, clouds, shading, vignette, looking at viewer, complex background, blue atmosphere, low-tier god, god, vibrant colors, black clouds, lightning, lightning from the sky, glow, character glow, smug, smirk, dead eyes, eye contact, dead look into viewer, strong wind, from below pov, night, noon, spark of light, realistic, hyperrealistic, hyperrealism, illustration, masterpiece, artwork, bright, fur reflecting light, sun rays, light rays,
masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed, ,
full body, standing, on motorcycle, (smug, light smile), (looking at viewer:1.2), (holding, holding gun:1.0), (rifle, assault rifle:1.3), (trigger_discipline:1.2), ,
(solo), (1boy), , cloud strife, spiky hair, blonde hair, short hair, blue eyes, big eyes, tones, (abs:0.9), long legs,
shoulder armor, sleeveless turtleneck, suspenders, brown belt, black pants, baggy pants, gloves, bracer, brown boots, brown gloves,
black motorcycle, motorcycle, harley davidson, red sky, sunset, stars, clouds, rock road, cyberpunk cityscape, new york city, night, statue of liberty
soft focus lens, white dissolved border like an old photograph, ultra realistic, [Indiana Jones], seated at an outdoor table, having a drink, looking beyond the camera, lost in a pleasant thought, a smug look on his face, white teeth, tired and filthy but pleased with himself, nostalgic, toasting to fortune and glory, cheers, outdoor lighting, [sepia], [enhanced shadows], blurred background of an outdoor bar in an urban plaza, ultra realistic photograph of a man drinking whiskey from a rocks glass, he's wearing a fedora and a heavily worn brown leather jacket, under that is a gray collared button-up shirt, adventurer, treasure hunter, close zoom, slight low angle camera perspective, on a train platform in the Middle East, Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harrison Ford in his mid 20's, five o'clock shadow, scruffy looking, desert environment, looking in the direction of the camera, cinematic outdoor lighting, focus blur
highly detailed, 4k, 1girl, (Little Red Riding Hood), (red hood:1.3), (pale skin), (glassy eyes), (needle marks), (disheveled hair), (tattered dress), (dirty hands), (pale lips), (gaunt appearance), (worn-out shoes), (dark circles under eyes), (lost expression), (erratic behavior:1.2), (dazed look), (fearful glances), (withdrawn demeanor:1.1), (empty stare), (needle in hand:1.3), (neglected appearance), (pale cheeks), (unsteady walk), (nervous twitch:1.2), (pocket full of pills:1.3), (slurred speech), (erratic movements), (paranoia:1.1), (unreliable memory:1.2), (dilated pupils:1.3), (lost innocence), (isolated from loved ones:1.3), (fallen from grace:1.2), (fear of the woods), (broken family ties:1.4), (once bright future:1.3), (longing for escape), (struggles with addiction:1.4), (yearning for help:1.2), (fading hope:1.1)., (Photorealistic), (Hyperrealistic), (Hyperdetailed), (analog style), (detailed skin), (matte skin), (soft lighting), (subsurface scattering), (realistic), (heavy shadow), (masterpiece), (best quality), (ultra realistic), (8k), (Intricate), (High Detail), (film photography), (shrp focus), (detailed skin texture), (elegant),, (concept style),  highly detailed,  (Minion) impersonating Captain Jack Sparrow from (Pirates of the Caribbean) played by Johnny Depp in (Pirates of the Caribbean) backdrop of ships and gunsmoke, signature Jack Sparrow beard, vengeful appearance., award-winning, professional,  by  (john howe), vibrant,
Portrait photography:2.3 of white french ethnicity 30 year old woman on city street, young, beautiful, high key (waist portrait:.5)
DC movies,photo of a 18 year old girl,wonder woman,basketball player,jumps in the air,holding a ball in her hand and shooting it towards the hoop,happy,laughing,looking at viewer,ray tracing,detail shadow,shot on Fujifilm X-T4,85mm f1.2,depth of field,bokeh,motion blur,,
joan of arc, beautiful knight wearing armor, (blonde hair), curvy, strong, blue eyes, [Flirty character portrait], (((full body))), (((1girl full body))), ((wide shot)),(1girl looking away),( wide big eyes:1.1), (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), (standing on a french battlefield), french countryside, masterpiece, ((highres)), shallow depth of field, Sharp focus, hdr, 8k, Cannon EOS 5D Mark III, 85mm, Cinematic , asymmetry, Amazing photography ,dynamic compositon, full body photo, De-Noise, f 5.6 , 85mm, CineStill 800T, film photo, flowing, elegant pose, realistic portrait, round eyes, skin texture, soft natural lighting, intimate composition, Cinestill 800T, modelshoot style, (8k wallpaper), perfect, masterpiece, highres, absurdres,broad light, Sharp focus, natural lighting, masterpiece, 4K, high quality, ((slim)), (smirk), (big eyes) <hypernet:incaseA3_v18000Steps:0.3>  <hypernet:Midjourney:0.2>
hulk, bear, purple shorts, standing, nude, tall, smirk, thigh focus, detailed, intricate details, masterpiece, absurdres, best quality
official art, unity 8k wallpaper, ultra detailed, beautiful and aesthetic, masterpiece, best quality, photorealistic, in the wood, dark theme  joker
((RAW, analog style)), extremely detailed full body color photo of albert einstein, background laboratory, ((film grain, skin details, high detailed skin texture, 8k hdr, dslr))
((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic,digital art)), (hyper detailed), male Albert Einstein,  upper body clothing, Boat Neck, Broderie anglaise, Cybernetic Network Pattern,, Collage Materials, Puff Sleeves, High-Low Hemline, High Waist,  Peplum Hem,,Slit Details,,Front Pockets,,Whiskering,  , Celestial Meridian, Interstellar, Cosmic Web, Supernova}, octane rendering, raytracing, volumetric lighting, Backlit,Rim Lighting, 8K, HDR,
Superman Iron man, UHD, 8K, (Masterpiece), (Cinematic), (Hyper Realistic), (Ultra Realistic), (Highly Detailed), (Realistic), (Photographic), (Detailed Face), (Perfect Lighting), (Sharp Eyes), (Highest Quality), (Hi-Q), (Highest Resolution), (DSLR), (Cinematic Quality), (Perfect Coloured Image)
(super size Spawn and Red Hulk),high resolution,HD,very realistic,bloody,explosion,city,street,aircraft,man focus, solo, huge cape,(look at viewer), prefect metal armor,((solo:1.8)),Christopher Hemsworth.
ragonz01 as iron man with the infinity gauntlet, 8k, youtube miniature, face
art by Laura Makabresku, award winning, Turkish Napoleon Bonaparte, Trucker hat, Goatee, Spring, deep focus, Smug, Reflected light, F/5, triadic colors
1girl, , Celebi, wings, fairy wings, pokemon \(creature\), green skin, 
snow white camisole, see-through, saddle brown dolphin shorts 
flat chest 
Indian Landscape, slums, dirty, centered, symmetry, painted, intricate, volumetric lighting, beautiful, rich deep colors masterpiece, sharp focus, ultra detailed, in the style of dan mumford and marc simonetti, astrophotography
1girl, samus aran, highly detailed eyes, intricate details, ((realistic)), round pupils, solo, blue eyes, blonde hair, ponytail,((cartoon)), looking at viewer, smug, soft lighting, muscular female, arms behind back, (upper body), forest,
AS-Young, body of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, huge breasts,  cameltoe pussy, bike shorts, slg, holding guns, belt, thigh holsters, leotard
(medium-full shot, 35mm, Kodachrome, masterpiece, best_quality, ultra-detailed, immaculate:1.3), 
 merida_v1, 1girl, red_hair, orange_hair, female focus, smug smile, biceps, large breasts, thick thighs, blue dress, collarbone, long sleeves, belt-sash, (hands on hips, standing),

village, medieval,
cyborg man sit in dark moody dirty room surrounded by trash and debris, metallic parts of iron man suit, machinery parts, (indian (Ronald McDonald) iron man), paper schemes on the walls, dreamy magic color grading, cinematic film still,McDonalds color palette, blue and grey accent colors, grainy soviet union photography  slums, detailed, empty robot armor costumes
(masterpiece, best quality, detailed), 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, MitsuriKanroji_NDV, multicolored hair, pink-green hair, large breasts, twin braids, red eyes, 
fedora, brown headwear, brown pants, black belt, cowboy hat, brown jacket, leather jacket, indiana jones, white shirt, satchel, desert, sand, dust, sun, hands on hips, smug, smile, parted lips, smirk, v-shaped eyebrows
photo of beautiful (tl0rds:0.99), blonde permed shag, smug, smirk , wearing acid-washed denim jacket, high-waisted acid-washed jeans, white sneakers, scrunch socks, hoop earrings , standing in  80s style Arcade, A dimly lit arcade filled with the blaring sounds of classic video games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong Rows of neon-lit machines line the room, and the  , lookling at the viewer, seductive dynamic pose, lipgloss, Chain Necklace, bangle Bracelet,
(ultra realistic,32k,RAW photo:1.1),(high detailed skin:1.1), 8k uhd, dslr, high quality, film grain, (makeup, mascara:1.1), lips,(thick\lips\), 
(shiny glossy translucent clothing:1.1), hmfre, blonde hair, beret, purple headwear, plaid, black necktie, sleeveless dress, corset, arm strap, black gloves, black thighhighs, striped thighhighs, garter straps, idolmaster cinderella girls, , huge breast, 
Lying on the side, pretending to laugh at a joke, (upper body:1.1)
 (busty:1.1) ,  (chubby:0.1),(glow in the dark:1.2),, dark theme, synthetic slums, dilapidated buildings, flickering neon signs, underground markets, hackers' hideouts
(realistic, real life:1.2),(hyper-realistic:1.3) cinematic action photo of (smug) Daniel Craig as James Bond in casino, playing with chips, wearing bright colorful (Hawaiian shirt:1.2),shot on security camera,HDR,30mm,F/5.6,vivid colors, wounded 007, (cuts) on body, blood flowing, shot on Fujifilm x-t4, 007danielcraig in a yacht casino,men's club, crowd behind,Casino royale,gambling den,green poker table,roulette,slots, cash,bright lights,neon,nightlife,clubbing women in cocktail dresses,playing card games, champagne
highly detailed portrait shot of pitfighter
((hermione granger, young emma watson, [mila kunis])), stocky, pear_shaped_body, (thicc butt:1.0), (belly fat:1), ((small:1.6) breasts:1), large eyes, (freckles:0.8), ((brown eyes)), smug smile,
winter village, heavy winter clothes, boots,
cinematic angle,
modelshoot style, (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), photo of the most beautiful artwork in the world, professional majestic oil painting by Ed Blinkey, Atey Ghailan, Studio Ghibli, by Jeremy Mann, Greg Manchess, Antonio Moro, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, Intricate, High Detail, Sharp focus, dramatic, photorealistic painting art by midjourney and greg rutkowski,
(1girl),((lace dress :1.3)),((medium Breasts, rounded breasts:1.3)),((accentuated breast, large pelvic, wide hip, midriff, narrow waist, curvy waist:1.2)),((slim, skinny waist:1.4)),modern hairstyle,colour streaked hair,highlights,seductress,tempting,smug face,((sexy poses:1.3)),((wide hips, groin)),((huge pelvic)),masterpiece,best quality,realistic,ultra highres,depth of field,(full dual colour neon lighting:1.2),(detailed face:1.2),(detailed eyes:1.2),(detailed background:1.2),(night club:1.2) (masterpiece:1.2),(ultra detailed),(best quality),intricate,comprehensive cinematic,magical photography,(gradients),colorful,detailed landscape,visual key,shiny skin,
portrait photography,closeup,a young girl bathes in the hot springs of a palace in the sky,wearing a light gauze dress,outside is a pale pink sky,full of dreams,pale clouds floated around,incredible,(the palace was lavish and beautiful:1.2),extremely detailed realistic fantasy,cowboy shot,narrow waist,twigs,
((masterpiece,best quality)), ,  dark skin, Cleopatra, white dress, smile, tiara, desert, pyramid \(structure\),
professional 3d model Two people, Cortana and Master Chief romantically engaging each other, 
cyberpunk cityscape in the background, cyberpunk surroundings, futuristic cyberpunk art style, multicolor neon lights, night time, water reflections, dark atmosphere,
cinematic action shot, raw photo, HDR colors,
masterpiece, best quality, high quality, intricate, ultra detailed, 16k, highres, absurdres    . octane render, highly detailed, volumetric, dramatic lighting
, Albert Einstein, wojak
Fighting game style Photograph of angelina jolie (Lara Croft)for a Cyberpunk  Fantastic Journey with a miniature capsule a sexy woman Dynamic, vibrant, action-packed, detailed character design, reminiscent of fighting video games
hulk in joggers at the boardwalk BREAK psychedelic trip
((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic,digital art)), (hyper detailed),Albert Einstein,  upper body clothing, Halter Neck, Quantum-stitch Knit, Concentric,, Paper, Dolman Sleeves, High-Low Hemline, Natural Waist,  Pockets,,Ruffles,,Convertible Dress, Corset Closure,,Typography  , lower body clothing, Cotton, Flecked,,  Regular Fit, Empire Waist,  Open Back,,Front Pockets,,Pockets,  , Interstellar Gas, Extraterrestrial, Perihelion, Lunar Eclipse}, octane rendering, raytracing, volumetric lighting, Backlit,Rim Lighting, 8K, HDR,
full color painting of standing  Lara Croft as cyberpunk  (((Graffiti art) (by Carne Griffiths))), red wall background, insane details, intricate details, hyperdetailed, low contrast, soft cinematic light, dim colors, exposure blend, hdr, front
A (Tang Sancai-styled sculpture:2) of hulk
Hulk, simple, flat colors, stardew valley style
realistic portrait pdalns as a cute alien rpig, (black skin:1), iron man costume, (fireworks background:1.1)