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Young Girl Portrait By Leonardo Da Vinci AI Generated Art

highly detailed portrait of a young astronaut girl with helmet and dress by leonardo da vinci in the style junji ito trending on artstation deviantart
portrait of luisaringu by leonardo da vinci
a portrait of sonic,((oil painting)),((by leonardo da vinci))
Portrait of a woman [Elizabeth Debicki], style of Leonardo da Vinci
Positiv Clip L
inkpainting, female   (in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci), closeup, woman
Positive Clip G
inkpainting, female   (in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci), a beautiful black woman with blonde hair enchanting blue ball gown, A fairytale castle in the background
Positive Refiner
inkpainting, female   (in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci)
movie still of beautiful slim girl in lingerie, closed eyes and facial features by leonardo da vinci, wide shot, by ilya repin
antique photograph by leonardo da vinci
drawing, art   (in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci)
starry night by leonardo da vinci,luisap,anime
(masterpiece,best quality:1.5), (style of John Harris ,style of Leonardo da Vinci,style of Andrew Loomis :1.5) BREAK
portrait, (\marie rose (dead or alive)\:1.2)
"Mona Lisa's Smile" Leonardo da Vinci ,(laughing,eyes_closed,guffaw,:1.2),,
, scifi, davincitech, by leonardo da vinci,  steampunk, 
man , Albert Einstein,  , scientist coat,
forgotten_pages a drawing of a bizarre vehicle, annotations (leonardo da Vinci style)
cyberpunk portrait cyborg Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci  in (cyberpunk style:1.6),soft neon light,cinematic,robotic bionic features,hyperrealistic masterwork by head of prompt engineering,,,
painting of a woman portrait, art by Leonardo Da Vinci, dynamic, (large brush strokes:1.6), acrylic, HDR, artstation hd, painting masterpiece, featured on unsplash, dramatic lighting, [[blue]]
antique photograph by leonardo da vinci, audrey hepburn in a classy Hollywood event
A painting of a vintage intricate Leonardo da Vinci flying machine against a blue starry night, by WASMoebius
airwolfhelicopter a helicopter line drawing by leonardo da vinci, very sharp, intricate detail
 davincitech, scifi, by leonardo da vinci, the mona lisa, masterpiece, best quality, adult, AS-Adult, ((very detailed face))
Mythical beast in a composition based on the Golden Ratio, Leonardo da Vinci, bright colors, blue, yellow, orange, antique green smoky background, maximum resolution
camaroirocz car painting in the (style of leonardo da vinci:1.2), italian countryside in the background, high resolution, high quality, intricate detail, very sharp
Bart Simpson, portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci, studio lighting, 8k HD, highly detailed, intricate, masterpiece, trending on artstation. award winning, unreal engine 5 rendered and blender, volumetric light, dramatic lighting, sharp focus, digital illustration, octane render, cinematic lightning, medium shot, mid-shot, highly detailed, trending on ArtStation
RAW photo of davincitech Mixer, scifi, by leonardo da vinci   , (Masterpiece:1.3) (best quality:1.2) (high quality:1.1), hyperdetailed,300 DPI,real photo,lots of details,medium photography,detailed,intricately detailed,enchanting atmosphere,natural lighting,sharp focus
RAW photo of davincitech Brush, scifi, by leonardo da vinci   , (Masterpiece:1.3) (best quality:1.2) (high quality:1.1), bokeh,Masterpiece,detailed background,sharp focus,80mm raw,concept art,anamorphic,fine details,surreal,rim lighting
RAW photo of davincitech Speaker, scifi, by leonardo da vinci   , (Masterpiece:1.3) (best quality:1.2) (high quality:1.1), photographed on a Hasselblad 907X 50C,detailed,cinematic,300 DPI,with Cinestill 800T film,complementary colors,RAW photo,vivid details,best quality,sharp focus
girl, portrait, (Leonardo da Vinci:1.1), painting_\(medium\), oil_painting_\(medium\), chalky_colors, low_contrast, washed_painting, lower_colors
a portrait of the character mario  , by leonardo da vinci
photo of puppet as a puppet of Leonardo Da Vinci, a single face of Leonardo Da Vinci, a single puppet
Moths in the shadow of birch trees with a portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, (deep shadows:0.5).
movie still of beautiful girl in lingerie, closed eyes and facial fieatures by leonardo da vinci, wide shot, by ilya repin
paint by leonardo da vinci
Masterwork painting, The Mona Lisa with mustache by Leonardo Da Vinci
(antique painting by leonardo da vinci:1.2), a renaissance man [leonardo dicaprio] outdoors at sunset
a oil painting of a woman, in the style of leonardo da vinci
rugged man Leonardo da Vinci kkw-bp, kkw-ph-1
(antique painting by leonardo da vinci:1.1), harley quinn
davincitech, scifi, iron man, antique photograph by leonardo da vinci
(in the light:1.5),
Hyperrealist portrait of female by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio,fantasy art, photo realistic, dynamic lighting, artstation, poster, volumetric lighting, very detailed faces, 4 k, award winning,, 1girl, in the dim light, deep shadow, low key,cowboy shot,(classical clothing:1.4) ,classical hair,(white hair),
, (inspired by Leonardo da Vinci : 0.33), (a skorpman: 1.5), in the middle of the desolated panorama, mythology oil on canvas, (textured paint strokes, intricate portrait, soft contrast color palette : 0.5)
by leonardo da vinci, italian renaissance painting, extremely intricate, ultra realistic
antique photograph by leonardo da vinci, beautiful woman outside a nightclub at night
the mona lisa by leonardo da vinci ArthurShow  , Very detailed, clean, high quality, sharp image
eldrichtech, cosmic, davincitech, scifi, iron man, antique photograph by leonardo da vinci
antique oil painting by leonardo da vinci, mystical tree, landscape, mountains, forest, fields, clouds, cracked paint, chroma, painterly, classic
antique photograph by leonardo da vinci, beautiful japanese-irish woman with (pale green eyes:1.2), short hair, bangs, soft lighting
award winning futuristic painting by leonardo da vinci, hand of vitruvian man, fractal, neon, hologram, sleek, gleaming, chroma, rim lighting, volumetric, 8k resolution, trending on art station
a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci showing (((mesmerising beautiful world))), lush gardens covering the earth, sunny sky, snowy mountains, hope, joy, 4k, extreme details, intricate details, (highest quality, HD, ultra hd)
Ultra-detailed artwork. Masterpiece art by Leonardo da Vinci, DOWN OF THE JUDGMENT DAY, a stunning cinematic illustration of wide open FLOWERFUL PLATEAUS SHATTERING AND COLLAPSING IN AN  EARTHQUAKE, perfectly centered inside the frame, golden ratio, HQ, HD, AAA, trending on art station and DeviantArt
beautiful realistic portrait of homer simpson, yellow skin by artgerm, leonardo di vinci
A cyborg cat in cyberpunk style by Leonardo da Vinci, artstation trending, detailed, 4k resolution, high quality, highly detailed, HD wallpaper, cinematic lighting, professional photography, hyperrealistic, focused, 8k resolution, masterpiece, unreal engine 5, breathtaking, masterful. desert background. dslr camera shot. digital art. very realistic,