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Blog/Ecommerce AI Tools

10 Ecommerce AI Tools: From Website Builders to Chatbots and more

20 June, 2024
Ecommerce AI Tools

Imagine a world where your online store can automatically generate stunning product descriptions, instantly engage with customers through intelligent chatbots, and provide personalized shopping experiences that make every visitor feel special.

This isn't a glimpse into the future—it's happening right now, thanks to the latest innovations in e-commerce AI tools. Businesses that leverage these tools not only save valuable time and resources but also gain a competitive edge by offering enhanced customer experiences and optimizing their sales strategies.

In this article, we will delve into eleven top-tier AI tools for e-commerce that are setting new standards in the industry. These tools are categorized into four key areas: website builders, chatbots, content generators, and personalization platforms.

From small businesses to marketers to enterprises, these AI tools offer solutions tailored to your needs, whether you need to build a website, create engaging content, or deliver personalized customer journeys.

Top 3 AI E-commerce Website Builders

1. Wix ADI



Wix ADI is a sophisticated tool that automates the creation of professional websites. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Wix ADI simplifies the website-building process, making it accessible even for those without technical skills.

Key Functions

  • Automatic Website Design: Wix ADI designs a website based on the user's preferences and business needs. Users simply answer a few questions, and the AI generates a tailored website.

  • Template Variety: It offers a wide range of customizable templates, allowing businesses to choose a design that best fits their brand and style.

  • Mobile Optimization: Ensures that all websites are fully optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless user experience across all platforms.

  • Customization Options: Allows further customization, enabling users to tweak the design, add new features, and personalize content.

Use Cases and Examples

Wix ADI is particularly beneficial for small businesses seeking to establish an online presence quickly and efficiently. Here are some scenarios where Wix ADI proves invaluable:

  • Local Bakery: A local bakery can have a fully functional and attractive website within hours, complete with a menu, online ordering system, and customer testimonials.

  • Freelancers and Consultants: Professionals like freelancers and consultants can create a polished portfolio site showcasing their services, past projects, and client reviews.

  • Event Planners: Event planners can design a vibrant site with event details, booking forms, and photo galleries of past events.


Wix ADI offers competitive pricing, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Starts at $17 per month, providing essential features and tools to get started.

2. Shopify

Shopify AI


Shopify is a premier e-commerce platform that offers a robust suite of tools to create, customize, and manage online stores. Its comprehensive features cater to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to efficiently run their e-commerce operations.

Key Functions

  • Template Selection: Provides a wide array of customizable templates designed to suit various industries and aesthetic preferences.

  • Integrated Payment Gateways: Supports multiple payment gateways, ensuring secure and convenient transactions for customers.

  • SEO Features: Built-in SEO tools help improve search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to online stores.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Offers detailed analytics and reporting tools that provide insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and marketing effectiveness.

  • Inventory Management: Advanced inventory management features help track stock levels, automate restocking, and manage product variants.

Use Cases and Examples

Shopify is versatile and suitable for various business models and sizes. Here are some examples of how different businesses can benefit from Shopify:

  • Fashion Boutique: A fashion boutique can use Shopify to manage inventory, process sales, and showcase new collections through visually appealing templates.

  • Tech Gadgets Store: An online store specializing in tech gadgets can leverage Shopify's SEO features to attract tech-savvy customers and use analytics to track popular products.

  • Handmade Crafts Shop: Artisans selling handmade crafts can easily set up an online store, integrate secure payment options, and manage shipping logistics.

  • Subscription Services: Businesses offering subscription boxes can use Shopify to manage recurring billing and customer subscriptions, ensuring a smooth customer experience.


Shopify offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate businesses at various stages of growth. Starting at $24 per month, providing essential e-commerce features suitable for new and small businesses.

3. BigCommerce

BigCommerce AI builder


BigCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform that equips businesses with robust tools to create and scale their online stores. Known for its scalability and flexibility, BigCommerce caters to growing businesses seeking comprehensive e-commerce solutions.

Key Functions

  • Customization Options: Offers extensive customization capabilities, allowing businesses to tailor their online stores to their specific needs and brand identity.

  • SEO Optimization: Provides advanced SEO tools to help businesses improve their search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.

  • Multi-Channel Selling: Supports selling across various platforms, including social media, online marketplaces, and physical retail locations.

  • Advanced Analytics: Delivers in-depth analytics and reporting tools, offering insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and marketing effectiveness.

  • Product Management: Features robust product management tools, including inventory tracking, product variants, and bulk pricing options.

Use Cases and Examples

BigCommerce is ideal for growing businesses looking to expand their online presence and sales capabilities. Here are some practical applications of BigCommerce:

  • Tech Gadget Store: A tech gadget store can utilize BigCommerce to manage cross-platform sales, offering products through their website, social media channels, and third-party marketplaces.

  • Apparel and Fashion Retailers: Clothing and fashion brands can benefit from BigCommerce’s customizable templates to create visually appealing stores that reflect their brand’s unique style.

  • B2B Enterprises: Business-to-business companies can leverage BigCommerce’s advanced product management and customer segmentation features to cater to different client needs.

  • Health and Beauty Brands: Brands in the health and beauty industry can use BigCommerce’s SEO tools to attract more organic traffic and detailed analytics to optimize their marketing strategies.


BigCommerce offers a range of pricing plans designed to meet the needs of different business sizes and growth stages. Feel the form in order to get pricing for your specific needs.

Top 3 AI Chatbots and Assistants for E-commerce

1. Tidio

Tidio AI chatbot


Tidio is an advanced AI-powered chatbot platform designed to elevate customer support for e-commerce businesses. By automating responses and providing real-time assistance, Tidio helps businesses enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their support operations.

Key Functions

  • Automated Responses: Utilizes AI to provide instant, automated responses to common customer inquiries, ensuring quick resolution and enhancing customer experience.

  • Live Chat: Offers live chat functionality, allowing customers to engage with human agents when needed, providing a seamless blend of automated and human support.

  • Platform Integration: Easily integrates with various e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, and social media channels, ensuring cohesive communication across all customer touchpoints.

  • Customer Insights: Provides detailed customer insights and analytics, helping businesses understand customer behavior and improve service strategies.

  • Customization: Allows businesses to customize chatbot responses and workflows to align with their specific needs and branding.

  • Multi-language Support: Supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse customer base and enhancing global reach.

Use Cases and Examples

Tidio is suitable for businesses of all sizes that require round-the-clock customer support. Here are some examples of how Tidio can be utilized effectively:

  • Online Clothing Store: An online clothing store can use Tidio to handle common inquiries such as order tracking, return policies, and product availability, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex issues.

  • Tech Support for Electronics: Electronics retailers can leverage Tidio to provide instant troubleshooting advice and product information, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing support workload.

  • Travel Agencies: Travel agencies can use Tidio to answer questions about bookings, destinations, and travel itineraries, providing timely information to travelers.

  • Subscription Box Services: Businesses offering subscription boxes can automate responses to frequently asked questions about subscriptions, billing, and delivery schedules.


While Tidio offers some free options, the paid version starts at $29.

2. Drift

Drift AI chatbot


Drift is a leading platform that specializes in conversational marketing and sales through AI-driven chatbots. It enhances customer engagement by facilitating real-time conversations, qualifying leads, and scheduling meetings, making it an invaluable tool for B2B e-commerce businesses.

Key Functions

  • Visitor Engagement: Engages website visitors through personalized chat interactions, capturing their attention and driving them towards desired actions.

  • Lead Qualification: Utilizes AI to qualify leads by asking relevant questions and collecting essential information, ensuring that sales teams focus on high-potential prospects.

  • Meeting Scheduling: Automatically schedules meetings with qualified leads, integrating seamlessly with calendar applications to streamline the booking process.

  • Real-Time Notifications: Alerts sales teams about hot leads in real-time, enabling immediate follow-up and increasing the chances of conversion.

Use Cases and Examples

Drift is particularly effective for B2B e-commerce businesses looking to enhance their lead generation and sales processes. Here are some practical applications of Drift:

  • Software Company: A software company can use Drift to engage visitors on their website, qualify leads by understanding their needs, and schedule product demos with sales representatives.

  • Professional Services: Firms offering professional services, such as consulting or legal advice, can leverage Drift to capture potential clients’ information and book consultation appointments.

  • SaaS Providers: SaaS companies can use Drift to provide instant support, qualify potential subscribers, and guide them through the product trial process.


Drift offers custom pricing plans starting from $2500. For more advanced plan, feel free to check their pricing page.

3. Intercom

Intercom AI chatbot


Intercom is a leading provider of customer messaging platforms with advanced AI capabilities. By offering live chat, automated messaging, and comprehensive customer engagement analytics, Intercom empowers businesses to enhance their customer interactions and drive growth.

Key Functions

  • Live Chat: Enables real-time communication with website visitors, allowing businesses to provide immediate assistance and support.

  • Automated Messaging: Utilizes AI-powered chatbots to deliver personalized messages and responses based on user behavior and preferences.

  • Customer Engagement Analytics: Provides detailed analytics and insights into customer interactions, helping businesses understand user behavior and optimize their messaging strategies.

  • Multi-channel Communication: Supports communication across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Use Cases and Examples

Here are some examples of how different businesses can leverage Intercom effectively:

  • Electronics E-commerce Platform: An e-commerce platform selling electronics can use Intercom to provide personalized product recommendations, answer customer queries, and offer post-purchase support, enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • Subscription Services: Businesses offering subscription-based services can use Intercom to onboard new subscribers, send personalized messages based on subscription preferences, and gather feedback to improve service offerings.

  • Online Retailers: Retailers can leverage Intercom to engage with customers throughout the purchasing journey, from browsing products to completing transactions, and provide proactive support to reduce cart abandonment rates.


Starts at $39 per month, providing basic messaging and automation features suitable for small businesses.

Top 3 AI Text and Visual Content Generators for E-commerce

1. Zoomerang AI

Zoomerang AI Video Generator


Zoomerang AI offers a revolutionary solution for effortless video content creation. With Zoomerang AI Chat, users can receive professionally edited videos within minutes, streamlining the content creation process and saving valuable time.

Key Functions

  • AI-Powered Video Script Generation: Zoomerang AI generates video scripts and structures based on user preferences, eliminating the need for manual scriptwriting and brainstorming sessions.

  • Visual Selection Through Mood Boards: Users can guide Zoomerang AI by selecting visuals through mood boards, providing a visual direction for the video creation process and ensuring alignment with brand aesthetics.

  • Efficient Editing and Production: By automating the editing and production process, Zoomerang AI delivers professional-looking results quickly, sparing users the hassle of complex video editing software and technical expertise.

  • Customization Options: Offers customization options for video styles, formats, and content, allowing users to tailor the videos to their specific needs and audience preferences.

  • Seamless Integration: Integrates seamlessly with e-commerce platforms, social media channels, and marketing automation tools, enabling easy distribution and promotion of the generated videos.

Use Cases and Examples

Zoomerang AI is ideal for video editors, marketers, and businesses looking to create engaging video content efficiently. Here are some examples of how Zoomerang AI can be used effectively:

  • Online Fashion Retailer: An online fashion retailer can use Zoomerang AI to create dynamic video ads showcasing their latest collections, runway shows, and behind-the-scenes footage, enhancing brand visibility and driving sales.

  • Digital Marketing Agency: A digital marketing agency can leverage Zoomerang AI to produce high-quality video content for clients across various industries, offering a competitive edge and expanding service offerings.

  • Social Media Influencers: Social media influencers can use Zoomerang AI to produce engaging video content for their followers, including product reviews, tutorials, and lifestyle content, enhancing audience engagement and monetization opportunities.

  • Event Planners: Event planners can utilize Zoomerang AI to create promotional videos for upcoming events, highlighting key attractions, speakers, and activities and driving ticket sales and attendee engagement.


Credit-Based Pricing: Starts at $39.99 for 50 credits, which is equivalent to 10 videos. Additional credits can be purchased as needed, providing scalability and cost-effectiveness for users with varying content creation requirements.


Jasper AI content generator

Overview is an AI-powered content creation tool designed to assist businesses in generating high-quality text efficiently.

Key Functions

  • Versatile Content Generation: Creates various types of content including blog posts, product descriptions, and social media content.

  • Automated Daily Updates: Ideal for businesses requiring regular content updates, streamlines the process of generating fresh content on a daily basis.

  • Quality Assurance: Ensures high-quality output by leveraging advanced AI algorithms and natural language processing techniques.

Use Cases and Examples is particularly beneficial for businesses with ongoing content needs. For instance:

  • E-commerce Blog: An e-commerce blog can utilize to produce daily posts, keeping the audience engaged with relevant and informative content.

Pricing offers competitive pricing, starting at $49 per month, making it an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.

3. Canva



Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool powered by AI, empowering users to create visually stunning graphics effortlessly.

Key Functions

  • Template Library: Offers a vast collection of customizable templates for various design needs, from social media posts to presentations.

  • Drag-and-Drop Features: Allows users to easily drag and drop elements onto the canvas, simplifying the design process.

  • Extensive Element Library: Provides access to an extensive library of graphics, photos, illustrations, and other design elements to enhance creativity.

  • AI-Powered Design Suggestions: Utilizes AI to suggest design elements, layouts, and color schemes, speeding up the design process and ensuring professional-looking results.

Use Cases and Examples

Canva is perfect for businesses looking to create eye-catching marketing materials. For example:

  • Beauty Product Store: A beauty product store can leverage Canva to design promotional graphics for social media posts, email newsletters, and website banners effortlessly.


Canva offers a free plan with basic features and limited access to premium elements. Premium plans start at $15 per month, providing access to advanced features and a broader range of design elements.

AI E-commerce Personalization Tool

1. Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield AI


Dynamic Yield is an advanced personalization platform powered by AI, designed to elevate customer experiences through tailored content and recommendations.

Key Functions

  • Personalized Content: Delivers content customized to each user's preferences, behaviors, and interactions with the website or app.

  • Product Recommendations: Utilizes AI algorithms to generate personalized product recommendations based on user browsing history, purchase behavior, and demographic data.

  • Automated Optimization: Optimizes website elements such as layout, design, and messaging in real time to maximize engagement and conversion rates.

Use Cases and Examples

Dynamic Yield is particularly well-suited for large-scale retailers seeking to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. For instance:

  • Major Online Bookstore: A major online bookstore can leverage Dynamic Yield to provide personalized book recommendations for each customer based on their reading history, preferences, and interests.


Dynamic Yield offers custom pricing tailored to the specific needs and scale of each business. This ensures that businesses receive a pricing structure that aligns with their budget and objectives.


Ecommerce AI tools are transforming online retail by offering innovative solutions to build websites, engage customers, create content, and personalize experiences.

From AI-powered website builders like Wix ADI and Shopify to advanced personalization platforms like Dynamic Yield and Qubit, these tools are essential for any e-commerce business aiming to thrive in today's competitive market.

Leveraging these AI tools for e-commerce will save time and resources and enhance overall business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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