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Success Story of Lerosia

Monetize your passions, talents, and skills!
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Templates of LerosiaTemplates of Lerosia

During my final year at university, the pandemic began, and I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time. It was during this period that I came across some extraordinary videos with fascinating effects and realized that I was also interested in learning how to create similar videos. Starting with learning how to edit on my phone, eventually moved on to mastering After Effects software.

Through my online endeavors, I had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who were also interested in video creation. Together, we began to produce creative videos for bloggers, which gradually evolved into a lucrative business.

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Success Metric
Success Metric
Engagement Rate25%
Followers Gained45K
Revenue Earned$1,000+
Increase Income & Build Network

As a creator, l use Zoomerang to increase my income stream while doing what I love. I get my work featured in front of millions of people and join a community of creators, carefully selected by the Zoomerang team of experts.

Dedicated support
Dedicated support

Received Support

The Zoomerang team has been providing me with outstanding support. They are incredibly helpful in answering all my inquiries, assisting me with creating content, and successfully resolving any technical issues I encountered. Their exceptional service made my experience with Zoomerang all the more enjoyable and stress-free.

Their Success

As a Zoomerang Marketplace creator, I have noticed a substantial uptick in my engagement rates across various social media platforms. Additionally, I have been able to attract numerous followers and earned income through various means, such as:
Tick25% increase in engagement rates across all my social media platforms.
Tick45K followers gained with high engagement rate
Tick$1,000+ earned revenue through selling video templates.
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LerosiaTemplate Creator at Zoomerang

This is a great platform to grow your income and expand your reach. With increased exposure, tools and resources, and convenient payment systems there's no better way to take your video creation business to the next level!

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