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107 Sculpture AI Generated Art

A (Tang Sancai-styled sculpture:2) of hulk
beautiful mystical sensual erotic sculpture with elven drawings , (concept art), marquetry technique, vibrant, lineart, Conceptual graffiti artwork
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and otherworldly Kenku, made of aluminum,Chiaroscuro, BREAK 4k,Best quality,stunning,vivid,multiple monochrome
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and dazzling Noble, made of urbanite,Sunshine rays, BREAK 8k,masterwork,Behance,Best quality,pale color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and harsh Wererat, made of shiplap,Cinematic lighting, BREAK detailed picture,8k,hyperdetailed,vivid,muted color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and clockwork Orc, made of polystyrene,Back lighting, BREAK 50mm,extremely detailed,sharp,vivid,ff gradient
cinematic film still  there is a sculpture of a woman with a hat on her head, (alexander archipenko), by Alexander Archipenko, highly conceptual figurative art, sculpture of a woman, rik oostenbroek, inspired by Alexander Archipenko, caracter with brown hat, by Carlo Carrà, wood sculpture, woman with hat, by Elizabeth Murray, figurative style a drawing of a bunch of monsters with a lot of teeth, by Joe Fenton, hyper detailed line art, inspired by Joe Fenton, mcbess poster, lowbrow art style, lineart behance hd, by Ed Roth, doodle art, clean coloring book page, mcbess illustration, style of jeff soto, style dan hillier, highly detailed vector art . shallow depth of field, vignette, highly detailed, high budget, bokeh, cinemascope, moody, epic, gorgeous, film grain, grainy
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and layered Wererat, made of aluminum,Sunshine rays, BREAK detailed picture,intricate details,intricate,4k,color drain
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and labyrinthine Githyanki Warrior, made of polystyrene,Chiaroscuro, BREAK Behance,intricate details,Best quality,gorgeous,inverted colors
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and ceramic Kuo-toa Archpriest, made of gypsum board,Golden hour, BREAK sharp,extremely detailed,8k,hyperdetailed,greyscale
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and glowing Merfolk, made of glass brick,Chiaroscuro, BREAK masterwork,sharp,vivid,detailed picture,gradient
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and unconventional Orc, made of wire rope,Cinematic lighting, BREAK gorgeous,intricate,hyperdetailed,8k,monochrome
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and mysterious Goblin, made of ceramic tile,Dramatically lit, BREAK award winning,Behance,vivid,8k,monochrome
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and stimulating Veteran, made of glass brick,Sunrays shine upon it, BREAK vivid,Depth of field 270mm,detailed picture,4k,color drain
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and meek Githyanki Knight, made of adobe,Lens Flare, BREAK 4k,8k,extremely detailed,intricate,pastel colors
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and otherworldly Thug, made of brick,Hard Lighting, BREAK award winning,Best quality,extremely detailed,50mm,monochrome
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and aesthetically pleasing Bandit Captain, made of gravel,Hard Lighting, BREAK hyperdetailed,vivid,intricate,4k,muted color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and studied Githyanki Warrior, made of glass,Ambient occlusion, BREAK Best quality,sharp,detailed picture,50mm,muted color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and uptight Githyanki Knight, made of glass brick,Golden hour, BREAK hyperdetailed,award winning,8k,Behance,ff gradient
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and evil Quaggoth, made of gypsum board,Dramatically lit, BREAK award winning,50mm,sharp,Depth of field 270mm,pale color
James Turrell Style - james turrell without james turrell color and in the middle a big conceptual sculpture realistic photography and natural sun light very realistic arquitectura minimal
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and inventive Gnoll Pack Lord, made of terrazzo,Sunshine rays, BREAK intricate details,award winning,masterwork,50mm,spot color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and fruit-flavored Sahuagin, made of plastic,Sunrays shine upon it, BREAK detailed picture,intricate,Depth of field 270mm,gorgeous,inverted colors
@Male2 wearing Beige, jacket, collared, flap-pockets, matching, trousers, ribbed, cuffs, white, sneakers. Modern Art Gallery: Minimalist white walls, contemporary art, sleek design, abstract sculptures, polished floors. Soft lighting, natural environment, tranquil poses, woodland backdrop, peaceful atmosphere.@Male2 wearing Beige, jacket, collared, flap-pockets, matching, trousers, ribbed, cuffs, white, sneakers. Modern Art Gallery: Minimalist white walls, contemporary art, sleek design, abstract sculptures, polished floors. Soft lighting, natural environment, tranquil poses, woodland backdrop, peaceful atmosphere.
professional  fashion close-up portrait photography  of a young beautiful  ((ohwx woman))   at outdoor sculpture during Noon, Nikon Z9
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and meek Orc, made of paper,Hard Lighting, BREAK Behance,masterwork,sharp,intricate,gradient
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and glib Thug, made of clay,Volumetric lighting, BREAK masterwork,stunning,hyperdetailed,vivid,spot color
a skeleton mickey mouse figurine is posed for a picture on a white background with a shadow of the skeleton, Damien Hirst, anatomically correct, a surrealist sculpture, pop surrealism ,  skeleton_toy
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and instinctive Kobold, made of parallel strand lumber,Dramatically lit, BREAK 8k,Behance,masterwork,sharp,greyscale
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and warlike Grimlock, made of asbestos,Global illumination, BREAK hyperdetailed,masterwork,stunning,Best quality,high contrast
In a sand sculpture style,  Woody yelling at buzz "YOU ARE NOT A TOY!" in the Toy Story movie from 1995, keyframe famous scene
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and distinguished Bugbear Chief, made of copper,Back lighting, BREAK intricate details,stunning,hyperdetailed,sharp,pale color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and atmospheric Gnoll Pack Lord, made of shiplap,Dramatically lit, BREAK Best quality,gorgeous,sharp,8k,flat color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and emergent Drow Mage, made of concrete,Ambient occlusion, BREAK Depth of field 270mm,8k,intricate,masterwork,flat color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and colossal Lizardfolk, made of clay,Sunshine rays, BREAK 4k,detailed picture,hyperdetailed,vivid,greyscale
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and dusty Drow, made of timber,Golden hour, BREAK 50mm,4k,extremely detailed,hyperdetailed,color drain
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and intricate Bugbear Chief, made of parallel strand lumber,Flickering light, BREAK intricate details,vivid,intricate,Depth of field 270mm,greyscale
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and dimensional Winged Kobold, made of plaster,Global illumination, BREAK 50mm,intricate,sharp,extremely detailed,muted color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and emotionally charged Drow, made of plaster,Ambient occlusion, BREAK sharp,vivid,Behance,Best quality,anime coloring
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and underwater Thug, made of ceramic tile,Volumetric lighting, BREAK stunning,intricate details,Behance,hyperdetailed,high contrast
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and substantive Archmage, made of shiplap,Ambient occlusion, BREAK detailed picture,award winning,intricate details,hyperdetailed,pale color
([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and enchanted Lizard King/Queen, made of glue-laminate,Volumetric lighting, BREAK intricate,8k,stunning,vivid,inverted colors
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and baroque Druid, made of wire rope,Golden hour, BREAK gorgeous,intricate,Depth of field 270mm,50mm,pale color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and dimensional Gnoll, made of glass wool,Sunrays shine upon it, BREAK sharp,detailed picture,intricate,Best quality,flat color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and varied Orc Eye of Gruumsh, made of plaster,Golden hour, BREAK intricate details,sharp,extremely detailed,4k,pastel colors
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and varied Gnoll Pack Lord, made of parallel strand lumber,Global illumination, BREAK detailed picture,Behance,stunning,8k,flat color
 ([Macro Photography:Marble Sculpture:.3]:1.1),and figurative Gnoll, made of parallel strand lumber,Chiaroscuro, BREAK detailed picture,intricate details,Best quality,Depth of field 270mm,spot color
A (Tang Sancai-styled sculpture:2) of hulk,the Hulk is dressed in Tang dynasty warrior attire, wielding ancient weaponry. His body showcases the typical Tang Sancai colors: green, brown, and white, set against an ancient Chinese battlefield backdrop.
absurdres, highres, ultra detailed, (1girl:1.3), BREAK concrete art, cement sculptures, industrial design, urban installations, modern aesthetic, architectural influence, durable medium BREAK panoramic photography, wide-angle vistas, immersive landscapes, stunning views, expansive scenes, visual depth, breathtaking perspectives