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Blog/How to Make a TikTok dance video?

5 Easy Steps to Make a Viral TikTok Dance Video

12 March, 2024
Make a Viral TikTok Dance Video

We've all seen those mesmerizing dance challenges that take over our feeds, racking up millions of views and turning everyday people into overnight sensations. But the truth is, viral TikTok stardom isn't just reserved for professional dancers or influencers with fancy equipment. With the right approach and a sprinkle of creativity, anyone can craft a dance video that gets the world grooving.

Step 1: Choose the sound/trend for your dance video

Imagine this: you open TikTok, and suddenly, you're bombarded by a catchy beat paired with electrifying dance moves that seem to defy gravity. Before you know it, you're tapping your foot, humming the tune, and maybe even attempting (with varying degrees of success) the choreography yourself. That, my friends, is the magic of a trending sound/dance challenge on TikTok. It's infectious, it's fun, and it's the first crucial step to crafting your own viral video.

But with a constant stream of new sounds and trends flooding the platform, how do you choose the perfect one for your masterpiece? Fear not, aspiring TikTok dancer, for this guide will be your compass in the ever-evolving galaxy of trending tunes and viral moves.

Know Your Vibe:

First things first, introspection is key!

Ask yourself: what kind of energy do you want to radiate?

  1. Are you feeling sassy and upbeat? Go for a funky rhythm or a high-energy dance challenge.

  2. Craving something more chill and laid-back? Opt for a soulful melody and smooth, effortless moves.

Remember, authenticity is key, so choose a sound that resonates with you and lets your personality shine through.

Trend Surfing 101:

Now, let's dive into the trend pool! Here are some ways to discover the hottest sounds and challenges:

  • For You Page: Your personalized feed is a treasure trove of trending content. Keep an eye out for videos with high view counts and engaging comments.

  • Discover Tab: This hidden gem curates trending hashtags, challenges, and sounds based on your location and interests. Explore and see what sparks your creativity!

  • Hashtag Hunting: Specific hashtags like #dancechallenge, #viral, and #newtrend are your gateway to the latest grooves. Don't be afraid to get creative and search for hashtags related to your chosen vibe or genre.

  • Influencer Inspiration: Keep tabs on your favorite TikTok creators. They often jump on trends early and put their own spin on them. Use their videos as inspiration, not imitation!

The Perfect Match:

Once you've discovered a potential sound/trend, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you dance to it? Choose a challenge that matches your skill level. Don't be discouraged if you're not a pro; the beauty of TikTok lies in the fun, not the flawless execution.

  • Does it inspire you? If the song or moves don't get your creative juices flowing, move on! Find something that sparks joy and makes you want to move.

  • Is it unique? While hopping on a popular trend is great, adding your own twist or interpretation can help you stand out from the crowd.

Remember, choosing the right sound/trend is the foundation of your video. Pick something you love, feel comfortable with, and can add your own flair to. With the perfect beat as your guide, you're ready to take the next step in your viral journey!

Bonus Tip: Here are a few super trendy TikTok dance sounds that are popular or gaining colossal popularity right now:

  1. Ice Spice’s new snippet is breaking all the TikTok records

  2. Lil Mabu x I Must Apologise (Jersey Club Remix) has over 500k videos on TikTok.

  3. The “Single Ladies” phenomenon is back! Don’t be late, and catch the trend ASAP.

Step 2: Learn the dance

So you've chosen your sound, the catchy tune that will fuel your viral dance assault. Now, it's time to master the choreography to transform yourself from a rhythm tapper to a trend-setting TikTok maestro. But fear not, an aspiring dancer, for learning the moves doesn't require a ballet degree or the grace of a gazelle. It's all about breaking it down, adding your own flavor, and embracing the joy of the journey.

Breaking Down the Beats:

First things first, don't be intimidated by complex footwork. Most trending challenges offer variations for all skill levels, so find one that matches your comfort zone. Start by watching tutorial videos. Look for creators who break down the moves slowly and clearly, offering tips and modifications for beginners. Slow it down, practice each step individually, and don't get discouraged if it takes a few tries. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your viral masterpiece!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:

Grab your trusty mirror (or phone camera) and become your own dance studio. Practice each step, focusing on technique and coordination. Don't get hung up on perfection; embrace the wobbly knees and the occasional misstep. Laugh at yourself, have fun, and let the music guide your body. As you practice, you'll develop your own style and rhythm, adding a unique layer to the choreography.

Find Your Inspiration:

Don't be afraid to borrow and personalize! Watch other creators tackling the same challenge. See how they interpret the moves, add their own flair, and express their personalities. Get inspired, but remember, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. Take what you like, add your own sauce, and create something that's uniquely you.

Embrace the Remix:

Remember, TikTok is all about creativity and reinterpretation. Don't be afraid to put your own spin on the existing choreography. Change the order of the steps, add a new move, or even slow down or speed up a section. Just keep the beat in mind and let your inner choreographer shine!

The Power of Practice:

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your viral dance video. Practice makes perfect, so don't give up! The more you rehearse, the smoother your moves will become and the more confident you'll feel in front of the camera. Remember, even the most viral stars had to put in the hours before their big break.

Step 3: Set up your space

The choreography is down, your confidence is soaring, and you're practically itching to bust a move and take TikTok by storm. But before you hit record, there's one crucial step: transforming your humble room into a dazzling set for your viral spectacle. Think of it as setting the stage for your inner performer, a space that not only fuels your creativity but also enhances the quality of your video.

Light Up Your Life:

First things first, banish the shadows! Good lighting is your best friend: it makes you look radiant, hides any camera imperfections, and adds a professional touch to your video. If you're a natural sunbeam, bask in the glory of natural light by filming near a window (bonus points for diffused light through sheer curtains!). For indoor warriors, ring lights are your lifesavers, casting an even, flattering glow. A few strategically placed lamps can also work wonders, creating depth and dimension.

Clear the Clutter, Embrace the Canvas:

Time to unleash your inner Marie Kondo! Tidy up your background – nobody wants to see laundry piles competing for attention. A clean, uncluttered space creates a calming visual and allows your dance moves to take center stage. If you have limited space, use furniture placement strategically to create a clear backdrop. A plain wall, bookshelf, or even a hanging tapestry can make a fantastic background.

Get Down on the Ground:

Don't underestimate the power of floor work! While filming from above can create dramatic angles, shooting from a lower angle can elongate your legs and add dynamism to your dance. Plus, it allows you to play with floor textures and patterns for visual interest. Just remember to clear any potential foot hazards and invest in a comfy mat if your knees need some love.

Step 4: Record the footage

You've conquered the choreography, transformed your space into a viral haven, and your confidence is buzzing like a pre-party bumblebee. Now comes the moment of truth: capturing your dance masterpiece on camera. But fear not, aspiring TikTok star, for recording doesn't require a Hollywood film crew or a degree in cinematography. It's all about capturing your energy, showcasing your personality, and letting your inner diva shine through the lens.

Finding Your Perfect Angle:

The first decision? Camera placement. Experiment with different angles to find what flatters your moves and showcases your space. Here are some options to consider:

  • Front and Center: A classic choice, great for full-body shots and highlighting your facial expressions. Prop your phone up on a stable surface or invest in a tripod for extra stability.

  • Low and Lean: Adds a dynamic, elongated feel to your dance. Get down on the ground or try a low stool shot for a unique perspective.

  • Up Close and Personal: Want to showcase intricate footwork or playful facial expressions? Get up close and personal with the camera (but avoid nose hair close-ups!).

  • Multiple Angles: Mix it up! Shoot different angles and edit them together for a dynamic, professional feel.

Lights, Camera, Action (and Maybe Some Filters):

Remember your lighting buddy from Step 3? Good lighting remains your friend. If natural light isn't your best friend, use a ring light or strategically placed lamps. Don't shy away from playing with filters and effects, but keep it subtle – you want to enhance your video, not mask your moves.

Express Yourself, Unleash Your Charisma:

This is your time to shine! Express your personality through your dance. Don't be afraid to add your own flair to the choreography, add facial expressions, and let your energy radiate through the screen. Smile, wink, throw in a playful hair flip – it's all about letting your unique personality captivate your audience.

Record Like a Pro (Even if You're Not):

Here are some recording tips to ensure your video is smooth and engaging:

  • Practice before recording: This helps you avoid awkward pauses and ensures you know the choreography inside and out.

  • Record multiple takes: Don't stress about perfection, embrace the fun! Record several takes and choose the one with the most energy and personality.

  • Short and sweet: Keep it concise! TikTok thrives on short, attention-grabbing videos. Aim for 15-60 seconds to keep viewers hooked.

  • Focus on the good, edit the bad: Did you stumble on a step? No worries! Use editing tools to cut out any mishaps or awkward pauses.


In conclusion, crafting a viral TikTok dance video is not reserved for the elite; it's a realm open to anyone with a dash of creativity and a love for rhythm. The journey begins with choosing the right sound or trend, a decision pivotal to your video's success. Your vibe, trend-surfing skills, and a touch of uniqueness will guide you to the perfect match that resonates with your personality.

In essence, creating a viral TikTok dance video is about unleashing your creativity, embracing the joy of dance, and letting your authentic self captivate the virtual audience. So, grab your dancing shoes, follow these five steps, and who knows – the next viral sensation might just be you!

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